Youths on bail after crime spree

Tight bail conditions and curfews have been imposed on a group of Feilding youths alleged to be responsible for a spree of minor crimes in the town in the past 12 months.

Senior Sergeant Nigel Allan said the youths had been working together and had been a focus for the Feilding police for some time.

Between six to eight youths aged 14 to 17 were on bail in Feilding, he said. Another two were in a residential facility for breaching their bail conditions.

Among those conditions are non-association with members of the group.

Most of the many charges the group are facing are dishonesty crimes, including stealing from motor vehicles and garages.

Mr Allan said their criminal activity was historical and not relevant to any recent crimes.

Normally Feilding would only have about two or three youths on bail at any one time, so to have so many at once was a "one-off situation", he said.

"The offences this group has committed are of a less serious nature. However, they have still created victims in our community and need to be held to account. Ninety-nine per cent of our kids are out there occupying their time positively and constructively. This is just a very small group that has drawn considerably on police resources."

Feilding's Youth Board has previously worked with the group of youths, and family group conferences have also been held under the Youth Justice process.

But without any positive resolutions, the group must now front up to the Youth Court at various dates.

Mr Allan confirmed the group was not associated with any gangs.

Manawatu Standard