Drunk driver vomits in front of police

02:29, Jan 23 2014

A Palmerston North man got so drunk with his rugby teammates that he drove on the wrong side of the road, took out a barrier then got home and vomited in front of police. 

This morning, the Palmerston North District Court heard how Woody Yuen Fong Au, 24, had been drinking with members of his rugby team on December 18.

He decided to drive home, but his subsequent actions show that was a bad move.

He drove along Victoria St, Palmerston North and ended up crashing into a wooden barrier.

He then turned down Ferguson St, but drove on the wrong side of the road.

When outside his house, he stopped and got out of the car.


The police were around soon after, and noticed Au smelled strongly of alcohol.

He had trouble walking and standing, and ended up vomiting in front of the officers.

A breath test came back with a result of 1041 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath - more than two-and-a-half times the maximum legal limit.

Au told police he had been drinking with his rugby mates.

Defence lawyer Jacinda Younger said Au's employer was "less than pleased", as he would lose his licence due to his offending.

He had already bought a bicycle to get to work, she said.

Au did not have a drinking problem, and the high level came about after an isolated drinking binge, she said.

Judge Gregory Ross said the offending was out of character, and he hoped to never see Au in court again.

He fined Au $800 and disqualified him from driving for nine months.

Manawatu Standard