Members' stand still off limits after earthquake

NO-GO ZONE: The members' stand at Awapuni Racecourse.
NO-GO ZONE: The members' stand at Awapuni Racecourse.

The members' stand at the Awapuni Racecourse in Palmerston North has been cordoned off since the Wellington Anniversary Day earthquake that loosened and smashed glass window panes.

RACE chief executive Alasdair Robertson said he believed the damage was purely superficial, but it was too dangerous to allow people to walk around the building, inside or out, until the all-clear was given to clean up the broken glass.

"There was a lot of glass stuck in the windows threatening to fall out. I saw one huge shard that had embedded itself where it fell - it looked like something from the movies."

Mr Robertson said the function centre next door to the stand was not damaged.

"Not one glass fell off a shelf."

Mr Robertson said closing the stand was a precautionary step.

Engineers had done a walk-through inspection with preliminary advice that there was no structural damage. However, engineers were in high demand at the moment, and it was unlikely a detailed survey and report could be carried out in the next two weeks.

Manawatu Standard