Waitangi Day weather forecast looks wet

01:58, Feb 03 2014

Rain will fall on one day out of the next seven in Manawatu, but the day of the dousing just happens to be a public holiday.

MetService meteorologist John Law said Waitangi Day on Thursday would be characterised by squally showers with rain developing throughout the day.

The temperature would be a hangi-inducing 19 degrees Celsius, lowered by the fresh south-easterly breeze predicted to accompany the cold front, Law said.

"It's not looking great unfortunately. You should have a touch of protection from the ranges, which at least means the wind shouldn't be too bad."

Mr Law said today was probably the best of the week for outdoor activities but those using Waitangi Day to start their long weekend would also get some sunbathing in.

"Today's great, as we go through the next few days the clouds will come in, but on the plus side once the Waitangi rain is out of the way it's going to be beautiful."

Temperatures would rise to their mid 20s as the sun baked the grass on Saturday and Sunday, Law said.


Manawatu Standard