Community work for devastating punch

23:00, Feb 04 2014

A drunken dare involving jilted lovers has resulted in an unrelated Palmerston North man requiring titanium plates put in his face, after he suffered multiple facial fractures from being punched in the face.

The man who hit him, 21-year-old Kadin Blair Fraser, has been sentenced to a lengthy period of community work after hitting him after a bizarre sequence of events.

On June 14 last year, the man was sitting in his car with a woman in the passenger seat at a social gathering.

The woman had been arguing with someone who had been her partner for four years, but they had split up. When she left the argument and got in the car, another man said he would give money to someone who hit the woman.

Fraser, who has admitted being so drunk he cannot remember the incident, then decided to punch the man in the car.

That punch caused massive injuries to the man, according to his victim impact statement.


His cheekbone, eye socket, nose and temple were all broken.

The injury required three titanium plates to be put in the victim's face, along with mesh, to hold the bones together.

He had to take two weeks off work and make trips to Auckland for treatment.

He is still unable to feel his cheek, and the cost to him was estimated at $3500 before lost wages were taken into account.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Fraser's lawyer Mike Ryan said his client was not the kind of person to hit people at random, but that was exactly what had happened.

While he had no history of violent offending, he did have multiple drink-driving convictions.

That showed Fraser had an issue with alcohol that needed addressing, Mr Ryan said.

While Fraser had been working as a casual painter, a recent injury to his right arm - which is in a cast - had put him off work.

The terms of his employment were to be reviewed once he was back to full fitness, Mr Ryan said.

Judge Jennifer Binns said the offending was extremely serious, due to the large amount of damage and the unprovoked nature of the attack.

She sentenced Fraser to five months' community detention, 120 hours' community work and 12 months' supervision.

She also ordered him to pay $2000 emotional harm reparation to the injured man, which will be paid at $10 a week.

Manawatu Standard