Charges against man dropped

23:00, Feb 05 2014

Charges against Lake Horowhenua advocate Philip Taueki, after an incident involving regional council and Niwa staff members, have been dropped.

Mr Taueki, who lives at the lake and performs a role as a guardian of the waterway, had been scheduled to appear in the Levin District Court yesterday. He had been charged with obstructing police and resisting police after an altercation on January 15.

Yesterday prosecutors informed Judge Gregory Ross that the charges were being withdrawn as police did not believe they had enough evidence. Mr Taueki was not in court yesterday as he had already been informed by police that the charges were being dropped.

The charges stemmed from a visit to the lake by staff from Horizons Regional Council and Niwa who had planned to take boats on to the lake to carry out a survey of the aquatic weeds.

They were challenged by Mr Taueki who believed the boats posed a risk to the lake as they could introduce new species of weed to the waterway.

Police were called and Mr Taueki was arrested and charged. The weeds survey then went ahead.


Manawatu Standard