Community rallies for fire family

They suffered the same fate at the same time and now two families are receiving support from the same Manawatu organisation.

Dale Heta and Robert Sanson's Cornfoots Rd home, between Marton and Turakina, burnt to the ground on Monday morning, at the same time as a fire raged at a Heatherlea Heights home in Feilding.

Following an outpouring of support for the Feilding family who lost all their possessions, Manchester House is now offering to co-ordinate donations to the Rangitikei family.

"If there's anybody in our community that want to donate to that family in Marton, they can drop it off to us and we will make sure they get it," Manchester House social worker Robyn Duncan said.

Ms Duncan said there had been Feilding people asking about how they could help the Marton family.

She said she would have a better idea of what sort of items were needed later in the week.

Feilding police have asked that donations to both families be given to Manchester House and the distribution would be run from there.

The Marton family have been offered a home in the meantime.

South Makirikiri School, which the family's young daughters attend, is collecting donated items to give to the family. Principal Ben Ward-Smith said anyone could drop off items such as clothes and children's toysand they would be passed on.

Fire investigators have been unable to definitively pinpoint the cause of the fire to the Cornfoots Rd home, deeming its cause "undetermined". The cause of the fire to the Heatherlea Heights home remains under investigation.

Manawatu Standard