Killer dogs not found

19:19, Feb 11 2014

A pair of dogs that went on a cat-killing spree in Feilding late last year have still not been found.

The situation appears to have abated, with no other cat killings reported since November, but the Manawatu District Council says it is continuing its investigations.

A red boxer and a dark-coloured huntaway were believed to be behind the attacks, which happened over a few weeks in Derby, York, Denbigh and Duke streets, all in the northern part of the town.

MDC compliance and monitoring team leader Rachelle Johnston said no calls regarding sightings were received over the Christmas holiday period, but the search continued.

"The council is still actively looking for the dogs and is encouraging the public to provide information," she said.

Following the attacks the council was patrolling the areas and had responded to several calls from the public.

None turned out to relate to the offending dogs.

"[It is] difficult to know whether the dogs have been removed from the district or not but council is pleased there have been no more reported incidents from these dogs."


Manawatu Standard