Shop asks people to join anti-gay law protest

18:33, Feb 12 2014

Palmerston North shoppers are being invited to draw a lipstick triangle on their bodies in a worldwide photographic protest against Russia's anti-gay laws.

Cosmetics store Lush is hosting the protest at the Plaza in Palmerston North tomorrow.

Store manager Rita Allsopp said the company had already been participating in the protest around the country, but the local all-day event was timed to coincide with a Valentine's Day party at the store and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

''It's something we've always supported,'' she said.

 ''You should be able to love anyone you want.''

She said those taking part would have a triangle drawn somewhere on their body in pink lipstick.


''We will take photos will be sending them to the Russian government. Every photo is a petition.''

The Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association are also participating.

Vice-president Andrew Leipst said Lush had contacted the association and asked it to get involved with promoting the petition.

''Obviously our ideals and things like that run along the same lines as them,'' he said.

''Their petition has been running for a little while now, but I'll be there at 2.30pm and we're going to try to push the petition a little more.

He said he would be dressed in drag ''just to create a bit of a buzz and draw some people in hopefully''. 

Allsop said many photos had already been collected, but staff were hoping tomorrow's event would attract a significant number.

Manawatu Standard