Fine food, hotel choice of couples

Fine dining and a night at a hotel is the ideal choice for a romantic date for 60 per cent of couples in the Manawatu-Whanganui region.

The figure is part of the latest sexual wellbeing survey by Durex, released in time for Valentines Day.

Among other findings from the region were that 17 per cent of respondents gave their partners sensual massages and 11 per cent dressed up for each other.

While 19 per cent said they tried new things in the bedroom, 13 per cent said they did nothing to keep the magic alive.

Two-thirds of respondents in the region to the survey said they were married or living with their partner.

Nationally, survey respondents voted Queenstown as New Zealand's most romantic destination, while Gisborne and the East Cape have come in as the least romantic.

Manawatu Standard