Anti-flood measures shared

20:00, Feb 14 2014

After a decade working to protect Manawatu from flooding, Horizons Regional Council is bringing its work out from behind the scenes.

An interactive display was at the Feilding Farmers Market yesterday to mark the 10 year anniversary of the devastating Manawatu floods.

Horizons engineers were on hand to answer questions while a puzzle showed where flood water would travel before and after flood protection work.

Most of the region is now protected from a one-in-100-year flood with Palmerston North protected to a one-in-500-year flood.

"People are coming in and remembering what happened in 2004," Horizons central area engineer Paul Joseph said.

He said the council also wanted to show off the work that had been done.


"It's not until you get a big event you realise the value of it. We are about seven years through a 10-year programme."

Mr Joseph said the extra protection had cost ratepayers only about 10 per cent of the total cost. Insurance and the government had paid the balance.

"That's the silver lining really, I guess.

"That was one of the biggest floods in New Zealand and it's certainly been a huge learning process."

In Manawatu, new flood gates have been installed north of Feilding along with stronger and higher stop banks throughout the district. A new flood-safe bridge has been installed near Kopane School.

In Rangitikei, ring banks have been installed around Tangimoana and Scott's Ferry as well as work due this year near Parewanui.

The display is also at the Plaza in Palmerston North today and will return to Feilding for the Central District Field Days on March 13-15.

Manawatu Standard