Back from the flames

21:08, Feb 18 2014
Scott Grady
BLOSSOMING: Scott Grady is back in business selling fresh cut flowers to fund a World Vision sponsored child after his flower cart was burnt by vandals.

Business is once again blooming for 8-year-old Scott Grady, who had to close his flower cart for renovations after it was burnt by vandals.

Scott sells $2 bunches of flowers, cut fresh from his family garden, from Scott's Fresh Flowers, a cart parked outside his home on Palmerston North's South St.

Proceeds from the sale of the mixed bouquets go towards sponsoring 8-year-old Christopher Mponda, from Malawi, through World Vision.

The budding business, which started about five months ago, was dealt a blow when the Gradys got a knock on the door one day last month at 1am to be told by police the cart had been set alight.

A new and improved cart has re-emerged and Scott's Fresh Flowers is once again brightening up the sidewalk.

Originally made of real-estate signs, the flower box section of the cart - the part most damaged - has been rebuilt in plywood by Scott and his dad, Warwick Grady, given a coat of green paint, and signwritten.


There used to be problems with people stealing the flowers, but that seemed to have dropped off in the past few months, Mr Grady said. Bunches were replaced as they were sold, and on its best day, the cart might sell nine bunches of flowers.

People would swoop in while driving by to pick up a bunch, or people out for evening exercise often stopped in on the way past.

It was a joint venture between Scott and his dad, who has entered flower competitions in the past.

The money was initially destined to help pay for Scott's karate lessons.

But, as business blossomed, they decided to put the money towards another cause, his parents paying for his lessons and Scott choosing Christopher from the World Vision website.

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