Elderly man assaulted after argument

19:34, Feb 18 2014

An argument over dumped tree clippings has ended with a 73-year-old being assaulted and a 57-year-old ending up with another criminal conviction.

The Palmerston North District Court heard yesterday that David Rawiri Ngaheke was spotted dumping rubbish on a Flygers Line property on New Year's Day.

The man who spotted him owned the property, and followed Ngaheke when he tried to drive away.

A verbal argument started.

The 73-year-old property owner said he was going to call the council if the rubbish was not picked up, and Ngaheke responded by punching the man in the head.

Ngaheke was taking the rubbish to the green waste disposal station in Awapuni, but the station was closed. He decided to head to his son's place just outside Palmerston North, which is why he was on Flygers Line. It was then, defence lawyer Fergus Steedman said, that Ngaheke got the idea to dump the rubbish.

Judge Gerard Lynch said Ngaheke's reaction was poor. "What you ought to have done is swallowed your pride and picked up the material." He sentenced Ngaheke to 75 hours' community work.


Manawatu Standard