Radio waves from up high

Manawatu More FM radio hosts Mike West and Gareth Pringle spent more than three hours suspended 120 metres above The Square this morning to raise money for Relay for Life.

West, who said he was ''petrified'' of heights, told the Manawatu Standard the MacIntosh Brothers crane from which he and Pringle were suspended, was the highest in the country.

''We had to stay there until we raised $3000 for our Relay for Life team, which we reached at 9.35am.''

He said it took four trucks to bring the crane into The Square last night, and the assembly took three-and-a-half hours.

Despite his fear of heights, he had to continue to broadcast his show, Mike West in the Morning, from the crane.

''I hated every second of it, pretty much. My co-host, Gareth, on the other hand, was just so relaxed and smiling. He was enjoying every minute of it. We were complete opposites up there actually.''

Manawatu Standard