Truck rolls near Ashhurst

18:55, Feb 20 2014
SCENE: The truck rolled near Ashhurt, spilling its content across the highway.

A truck crash in the early hours of the morning sent Ashhurst residents flying out of bed as the heavy hauler screeched down the highway on its side.

The crash, involving just one vehicle, happened about 2am today on Napier Rd near Ashhurst.

Ross Castle, who lives near where the crash happened, said at first, he thought another earthquake had hit.

Milk crash
SPILT MILK: Debris and the contents of the truck was spread across the road.

''Because the ground just shook, it was like an earthquake - just wham, bam.''

The truck slid for about 10 seconds, making a ''massive'' noise and rumble, he said.

Mr Castle said he and his wife sat ''bolt upright'' in bed, and in the few minutes it took them to dress and take their car to the scene - with the aim of providing some light, there was already six or seven other neighbours there.


The truck was at a full right angle across the road, he said.

A crate from inside the truck, carrying a load of foodstuffs, had burst out and scattered milk bottles in its wake.

Mr Castle said his wife was trained as a nurse, and he had done first aid, but the driver of the vehicle managed to kick the windscreen out and walked away with a few scratches.

The road had been completely cleared by 5.30am.

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