Petrified radio host raises $3000

23:00, Feb 19 2014
DON'T LOOK DOWN: The view from atop the 120m high crane.

A "petrified" More FM radio host Mike West, with co-host Gareth Pringle, broadcast his morning show suspended from a crane 120 metres above The Square in Palmerston North.

"We were hoisted 120m into the air and we had to stay there until we raised $3000 for our Relay For Life team," Mr West said yesterday. He said it took four trucks and three hours to set the crane up the previous night.

"They had to put special lights at the top of the crane to warn planes, it's so high."

He and Mr Pringle began the ordeal at 6am and they reached the $3000 target at 9.35am.

"I'm actually petrified of heights," he said. "I hated every second of it, pretty much. My co-host, Gareth, on the other hand, was just so relaxed and smiling. He was enjoying every minute of it. We were complete opposites up there actually."

Mr West said what made it worse for him was that some people made pledges with conditions, such as having the crane move while the radio hosts were still suspended, "which of course completely terrified me".

However, there was a positive side to his experience. "There was no wind at all, which made me feel a lot more comfortable, and it was quite chilly until the sun came up over the hills and then we had this beautiful sunrise warming us up, which was quite nice.

"We had the most amazing views. We could see Mt Ruapehu, and all the surrounding little townships."

Asked whether he would do it again, Mr West replied: "I don't know about that."


Manawatu Standard