Recovered kiwi ready to go home

23:00, Feb 20 2014
READY TO GO: An injured kiwi treated by Massey University staff is now ready to be released.

A kiwi that had its foot wounded in a possum trap will be waltzing back to the wild today.

A young female North Island brown kiwi was found injured at Opato in the Waioeka Gorge in Gisborne and was brought to Palmerston North's Wildbase Hospital at Massey University earlier in the month. A possum trap had punctured two wounds on either side of its left leg.

Wildlife technician supervisor Pauline Conayne said the bird was better and was set to be released back home. The kiwi had come through its treatment well, which included keeping its fluids up, administering antibiotics, pain medication and force-feeding the wild chick.

"There have been no complications and the joint and bones have remained unaffected," Ms Conayne said.

"She has handled the treatment pretty well considering she is wild. They tend to remain stressed while in care, but it's our job to make it as stress-free as possible by keeping treatment sessions short, keeping noise down and reducing handling wherever possible."

Ms Conayne said the kiwi would be raring to get back to home comforts - it was a kiwi from the wild so was unfamiliar with a captive diet and bowls.


Manawatu Standard