'Wee Daniel' in town to sing for his fans

He may have made his money crooning to thousands across the globe, but Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell says it is the people in each city he visits who leave the lasting impression.

O'Donnell will be in Palmerston North this weekend to perform for the fans who affectionately know him as Wee Daniel.

It will be his fourth visit to the city, and he said he was looking forward to it.

While he was hoping there would not be a repeat of events from his second show - a fire alarm went off, causing him and the crowd to be evacuated from the building - he said he loved meeting people wherever he played.

"No matter what career I ended up in, meeting people or interacting with people would have been important to me.

"I think when you go somewhere you get a feel for the place from the people. I always remember places by who I've met."

And he meets a lot of people.

He said he has been on tour since last August and has shows booked up until February next year.

He has also released at least one new collection of songs a year since 1984, clocking up more than 10 million album sales in the process.

People half the age of the 52-year-old would struggle to keep up, but he said he liked to keep busy - with the odd small break - and would not have it any other way. "It's great to be able to still be enjoying it after all this time."

After O'Donnell's shows in Palmerston North and other cities in New Zealand, he will head for the first time to Sri Lanka.

■ O'Donnell will perform tomorrow at 7pm at The Regent in Palmerston North.

Manawatu Standard