Quarry meat find raises poaching suspicions

The earless head of a cow and a pile of guts dumped in a quarry has Kimbolton police wondering if a poacher has been at work.

Senior Constable Mark Dickins, sole charge Kimbolton police officer, said the somewhat charred remains of the animal were discovered in the gravel works at the Apiti Rd bridge quarry last week.

Mr Dickins said Kimbolton did not have much trouble with poachers - many farmers in the area have surveillance cameras - but the fact the cow's ears had been cut off to remove any form of identification was highly suspicious.

There had also been an attempt to burn the remains, but this was unsuccessful.

The rest of the carcass was not found.

The animal was either a friesian or possibly a hereford, at least two years old.

Mr Dickins said anyone who had lost such an animal, which was most likely killed over the weekend of February 15 and 16, should get in touch with him.

Anyone who lost stock or saw suspicious vehicles in rural areas should contact police, he said.

Mr Dickins can be contacted via the Kimbolton station, 328 5837, or Feilding, 323 6363.

Manawatu Standard