Classic cars ready to turn young and old heads

READY TO ROLL: Ruahine Ramble organiser Dennis Millen with his two Austins.
READY TO ROLL: Ruahine Ramble organiser Dennis Millen with his two Austins.

The more than 60 classic cars taking part in this weekend's Ruahine Ramble are expected to turn heads young and old, but perhaps not in between.

The 50th running of the Ruahine Ramble is taking place tomorrow with cars ranging from a 1906 Cadillac to a 1989 Daimler XJ40 travelling from The Esplanade in Palmerston North to Feilding via Colyton.

Event organiser Dennis Milne, whose 1930 Austin 7 will be driven by his son Matthew tomorrow, said the classic cars seemed to grab the attention of the young and the old but not always the generation in between.

"Little wee kids love the old stuff and for older people it brings back memories," he said.

For those who do want to see the cars, they'll be meeting at The Esplanade in the morning and leaving at one minute intervals from 9.30am. They will be driven to Feilding via Colyton with the drivers meeting at the Coach House Museum for lunch.

Mr Milne said the vehicles involved in the Manawatu Branch Vintage Car Club event came from as far south as Christchurch and the West Coast and from as far north as Taupo.

They included one car that was involved in the first rally 50 years ago, if its clutch could be repaired in time, as well as seven participants who were at the first rally.

A trophy was presented to the club at its first rally by the then visiting British politician and car enthusiast Lord Montagu. Two cars that belonged to the MBVCC's first president Brian Wycherley would also take part in the event, as would two of his daughters.

And while there was a competitive aspect to the day it was also about enjoying a bit of motoring and reminiscing about past events.

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