Expertise benefits European varsities

23:00, Feb 27 2014

A Manawatu lecturer has delivered master classes on games to a group of overseas universities and Olympic advisers.

Massey University School of Sport and Exercise physical education senior lecturer Dennis Slade was invited to Europe to run a series of sessions on games teaching at three universities this month.

He also delivered the opening address at the recent launch of the Centre of Excellence in Games Teaching.

Mr Slade was called to run classes on applying the theoretical concepts of game-centred learning to practice in the teaching of games.

His first two master classes were attended by staff and students from Ghent University in Belgium, and Windesheim and Fontys universities in the Netherlands.

A third master class was run as part of a programme launch for the Centre of Excellence in Games Teaching and had government officials, Olympics game policy advisers, amateur and professional sport coaches and academic researchers in attendance.


A bonus of the trip was seeing some international state of the art facilities, Mr Slade said.

"It was my luck that the Fontys University programme in Eindhoven, where two of the classes were held, has had a new teaching facility opened that won a European-wide architecture award for excellence in design," he said.

The centre was targeting students for the universities' teaching programmes and the wider community in sport and recreation, he said.

Mr Slade is continuing to work with staff from the three universities and is planning joint research initiatives aimed at developing children's game understanding through the use of digital devices.

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