Council on top of Foxton's water issues

Ongoing issues with the colour, taste and odour of Foxton Beach's water mean the town's entire reticulation network will again be flushed.

Horowhenua District Council water services manager Sarah Stephen said the work, to start this week, would help dislodge biological material that had built up inside the council-owned pipes.

"There may be a change in the colour, smell and taste of the water while the pipes are being flushed, but we can assure residents that the water is still safe to drink," she said.

Ms Stephen said some residents were still experiencing issues after the upgrade to the town's water supply, completed last May.

One resident whose water issues have largely subsided is Christina Paton. She had laid several complaints with the council about the standard of her water, which she described as looking like "cold tea".

Last month contractors installed a new lateral pipe into her home and Mrs Paton said this had largely resolved the problem. The old lateral pipe was clogged with organic material that had grown inside it.

Ms Stephen said the council investigated every complaint it received by first checking it was part of the reticulation before investigating the private side of the supply, beyond the water connection point at the resident's boundary.

She said that for 57 of the 60 complaints received since last May, the issue had been found to be at the resident's side of supply. This was due to the biological build-up inside the pipes reacting with the extra chlorine added to the water to improve the level of disinfection.

"While the issues are unpleasant for these residents, our experience shows that flushing the taps for 10 to 15 minutes has cleared the water of its discolouration and improved its odour and taste," Ms Stephen said.

If running their taps for 10 to 15 minutes did not resolve the issue, they should contact the council, Ms Stephen said.

Manawatu Standard