Mail centre sorts more jobs

22:40, Mar 13 2014

All mail from Hawke's Bay is now being processed in Palmerston North, with eight new jobs already created at the Manawatu Mail Centre.

Hastings mail began to be processed at the Tremaine Ave centre last week, adding to a list of new places that already includes Napier, Gisborne, Wairoa and Waipukurau.

It's the largest change so far at the Manawatu Mail Centre since it was announced in June that Palmerston North would expand to be one of the three main distribution centres for mail in New Zealand.

The changes are happening in stages, with 180 staff to be employed by the time Wellington's mail begins to be processed in Manawatu in March 2015.

Manawatu Mail Centre leader Rob Fryer said there had been no significant issues since the changes began.

"Accuracy of the sorting has been consistent and there has been no deterioration in the quality.


"Next day across town delivery for standard post mail was withdrawn last October and replaced with a delivery standard of three working days.

"In January 2014, independent research showed we were 96 per cent successful at achieving this standard."

The reason for Palmerston North processing mail that was sent in Hawke's Bay and destined for Hawke's Bay was simple economics.

One large processing site was more cost-effective than several smaller sites, Mr Fryer said.

"It will produce savings that are critical for New Zealand Post, in response to people sending tens of million fewer mail items every year.

"This is essential so that we can maintain a viable national network in the future that services all of New Zealand.

"FastPost mail has the next day delivery standard and will continue to be processed in the same town or city."

Mr Fryer said there was "enough space now" at the centre but more capacity was being planned to cater for Wellington mail processing.

The possibility of a brand new centre for everything or using the current centre for some functions and a new centre for others was still being discussed.

"Things are moving quickly but we are not ready to make an announcement. We expect to be able to tell you in about a month."

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