Rockfall warning signs installed

New signs at the Raumai Reserve warn swimmers about falling rocks, but do not yet tell people not to jump from the cliff face.

Three permanent signs have been erected at the popular swimming spot near Pohangina, replacing temporary signage that was torn down and vandalised.

In February, Thomas Tui Hall, 33, was swimming with a group of friends at the Pohangina River near the Raumai Reserve bridge when members of the group climbed a rope on a cliff face.

As Mr Hall was jumping, he hit his head on a rock, falling about 15 metres into the water below, police said.

Following Mr Hall's death, ropes used to jump from the cliff were taken down by the Manawatu District Council, and new signage, warning swimmers not to jump from the cliff, was proposed.

So far, only the signage warning of rockfall, which is an ongoing issue at the reserve, has been erected. In the week since the signs were erected one has already been vandalised, but has since been repaired.

Manawatu Standard