Removal of speed signs may be a protest

23:00, Mar 13 2014

Vandals have removed new speed limit signs on the edge of Palmerston North, possibly in protest against their installation.

The top of the signs, on Milson Line near the intersection with Kairanga-Bunnythorpe Rd, were sawn off in the weekend. They had marked the end of a new 80kmh section of the road, which had previously been 100kmh.

Palmerston North City Council road planning team leader David Lane said it was not yet known who had vandalised the signs, or why.

The signs would be repaired once replacement signs had arrived at the council.

"It could possibly be someone protesting [the new speed limit] but it's council's intention to fully reinstate it and hopefully it won't happen again," Mr Lane said.

The change to the speed limit on Milson Line was introduced as part of a suite of speed limit changes by Palmerston North City Council last year. Mr Lane said speeds on Milson Line were lowered for safety reasons as that part of the city became more developed. They meant traffic was slowed as it approached the city and the 50kmh zone at Milson.

Vandalism of roading signs was a nuisance but was not too common in the city, he said.

The 80kmh speed limit remained in place despite the removal of the signs, Mr Lane said.


Manawatu Standard