Charity dumps donated toys

19:16, Mar 18 2014

The Child Cancer Foundation has apologised for dumping soft toys that Ulysses Club members had collected at their Toy Run.

The foundation's business development and fundraising manager for the Waikato, Sharon Robertson, sent the apology via email on Sunday after Waikato Ulysses Club members told the Waikato Times they were shocked at the discovery.

"We are terribly sorry that this whole event has occurred," Ms Robertson said. Volunteers had emptied a lockup of old toys after the last Toy Run, on March 2, because it was on temporary loan, she said.

"The volunteers checked the toys in this lockup and many were packed with mothballs and were dirty." The clean toys were put in with the 2014 toys, and the rest were put into bags and taken to a refuse centre for disposal. The dumped toys were discovered by a third party, and were unpacked and distributed to other children.

Waikato Ulysses Club member Jim Galt, who is also national secretary of the organisation, said: "What happens to them [the toys] is the responsibility of the cancer foundation. In the future I think they might be asked to hand them back to us.

"That would give us an option to give them to the Salvation Army thrift shop or something like that." Fairfax NZ


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