Rangitikei council mulls legal-high restrictions

23:00, Mar 20 2014

The sale of legal highs in Rangitikei could be restricted to the main streets of Marton and Taihape.

The Rangitikei District Council has to develop a policy outlining where legal high retailers are allowed to operate within its boundaries. At yesterday's policy and planning committee meeting in Marton, councillor Soraya Peke-Mason said she wanted retailers of legal highs to be limited to industrial areas.

"Sadly, I've come to terms with this happening within our communities," she said.

"I want to absolutely minimise the opportunity of access to this product in the district." Mayor Andy Watson favoured limiting their sale to the two biggest towns in the district, Marton and Tai- hape.

He said restricting sales to areas where retailers could be monitored and where there were CTV cameras and a police presence made sense.

There could be a set distance imposed from certain sensitive sites such as schools, daycare centres and hotels. There was also some discussion about setting the limits and restrictions to effectively make it impossible to set up an outlet.

"The thing is, if we make it impossible we open ourselves up to legal challenge," Mr Watson said.

The policy will be drafted and considered by the district's community boards and committees.


Manawatu Standard