Man jailed for ignoring court protection order

It seems Fraser John Payne does not accept that some people do not want to see him.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, the 33-year-old was sentenced for his sixth and seventh breaches of protection orders.

On December 22, he went to his first victim's home and talked to her for a while. She soon became distressed and asked him to leave. He left, but returned to the property four times throughout the evening.

Sometimes he tried to get in, but she had locked herself in the house.

Another time, he waited outside the property in his car.

The next day, Payne went to the home of another woman who has a protection order against him.

Once again he left, but decided to head back there.

The woman had called the police, and they arrested him when they found him at the property.

Both the women were previously in relationships with Payne.

Defence lawyer Simon Parsons said Payne had gone to the first address because he had been invited and wanted to see his 8-year-old daughter.

"He is now going to take appropriate steps through the Family Court to see his daughter."

The protection order against the second person had come about because Payne had assaulted her.

Mr Parsons said Payne went to that address to pick up some of his belongings before he moved to Coromandel for work.

Payne now realised what he was doing was wrong and that he should make alternative arrangements to sort things out instead of going straight to where people with protection orders against him lived, Mr Parsons said.

Judge Gregory Ross said the victim impact statements from both women showed they were quite frightened by Payne turning up to their houses.

Payne's inability to adhere to protection orders was an aggravating factor, Judge Ross said.

"You are grossly non-compliant with protection orders. If you believe they should not exist, you have ways to set them aside."

Judge Ross sentenced Payne to six months' jail.

Manawatu Standard