Taste of culture - celebrating our multiculturalism

01:34, Mar 24 2014
Festival of cultures
CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Maflah Alhijri and Krain Alhwoah from Saudi Arabia with some of the offerings at the Festival of Cultures at The Square.

Queues in the hot sun and bustling crowds didn't put anyone off tasting delicacies from around the world at the Festival of Culture World Food, Craft and Music Fair.

Thousands of people flocked to The Square in Palmerston North on Saturday, where hundreds of tents offered ethnic food, advice and entertainment.

Palmerston North residents Ahmed Alshadli, who had not been to the festival before, and Nimra Asfar enjoyed the food and costumes from other cultures.

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"We've come to experience different foods from different countries," Ms Asfar said.

"We've been to all the food stalls, tried Korean, Pakistani, Middle Eastern foods.


"It's a great festival and it's good because Palmy doesn't have much stuff happening, so it gets you out of the house on the weekend."

Laureen Burnham, from Palmerston North, brought her son along to experience the different nationalities that live in the city.

"He didn't know there were so many," she said.

"We've been to all the food stalls and watched the dancing - everyone seems happy, we should do this more often."

Anne Higgins, from the Israeli stall, said volunteers had been busy helping people wanting travel advice and asking to try ethnic food.

"Most people want to try Mediterranean food and find out about Israel," she said.

"It's a wonderful venue because it has a bit of everything, with a coral reef, the Dead Sea and ancient cities."

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