Dirty dishes row lands man in jail for assault

A man has been sent to jail for threatening a flatmate with a knife and bashing him over the head with a child's stroller, all because some dishes had not been done.

Elte Gareth Brown, 48, was given his marching orders to prison in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday after being sentenced for assault and threatening to kill.

He was at his Palmerston North home on January 14 when he went into his flatmate's room, where he started an argument about some dirty dishes.

He left, but then came back with a butcher's knife in his hand.

During the argument he told the man: "Tell me something I don't like and I'll stick you."

The man then went outside and was followed by Brown, who had traded the knife for a child's stroller.

A bit more arguing went on before Brown hit the man on the top of the head with the stroller, which cut the man.

In court yesterday, defence lawyer Carly Linton said Brown had a criminal history which stretched back to 1981, but had not offended for five years.

It was spur of the moment offending, and was compounded by stress going on in other areas of his life, she said.

Judge Les Atkins said Brown had 42 previous convictions, including 16 for violent offending.

The absence of offending since 2009 showed he had done something to try and sort his life out.

"It seems you tried to seek assistance with the issues that have made you react strongly to any provocation, and it looked like you were really doing something to try to sort yourself out," the judge said.

"On this occasion, the work you have done didn't stop you from reacting badly."

Judge Atkins sentenced Brown to four months' imprisonment.

Manawatu Standard