Doing chores a mistake

23:00, Mar 26 2014

Following your parents' orders usually keeps you out of trouble, but hanging out the washing landed a Marton man back in court.

Mission Talaumi, 20, was sentenced to home detention last August in relation to a charge of assault with intent to injure. As part of his punishment he was electronically monitored and could not leave home unless he had permission.

In January, the electronic monitor recorded Talaumi leaving the designated area around his house on several occasions.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Talaumi pleaded guilty to breaching the conditions of his home detention.

Defence lawyer Richard Bedford said the monitoring area extended to behind a shed at Talaumi's home, but not to an area behind that.

One breach happened because Talaumi was hanging up washing in an area beyond the shed. "He put out the washing because he had been told to by his mother," Mr Bedford said. He was burning rubbish in the yard at the same time.

Judge Les Atkins said those excuses only accounted for one breach, when there had been several breaches.

He remanded Talaumi for sentencing on April 30.


Manawatu Standard