Flood zone rules affect properties

00:00, Apr 07 2014

Dozens of Ashhurst properties are likely to be affected by new rules about floor levels and access ways to manage the risk of flooding.

The changes are part of a suite of proposed changes to the Palmerston North District Plan.

Plan Change 15D deals with natural hazards, particularly floods.

Policy planner Cynthia Ward said the main reason for the proposed changes would be to comply with Horizons' One Plan.

The council is in the process of updating its flood protection zones to show areas that are likely to flood in a one-in-200-year event.

Ashhurst properties near the Ashhurst Stream, many of which had water through them in the 2004 floods, are better protected as a result of work carried out by Horizons in the last decade.


Still, they are only protected against flooding in a one-in-100-year event.

Ward said 94 letters had been sent to alert property owners within the zone, around western parts of the village.

The changes would not demand action about existing dwellings, but would affect floor levels for new buildings, and new subdivisions.

The other key area affected by the updated controls is around Palmerston North Airport, where the flood protection zone is extended to include the Flygers Line floodway.

The city council is inviting public discussion about the likely plan changes at the moment, before drafting formal proposals for consultation and official hearings.

Planners want to hear whether people support the introduction of stronger controls to protect people and property.

Public information days will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Palmerston North Convention Centre from 10am until 7pm.

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