Comic Connolly the perfect project for portrait painter

21:00, Apr 18 2014
colin hoare
BILLY FAN: Palmerston North artist Colin Hoare, with his border collie Billy and a canvas of comedian Billy Connolly he painted.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly has piqued a Palmerston North painter's interest.

Artist Colin Hoare has captured Connolly's face on canvas in the hope of showing him the piece before his performance in Palmerston North on Tuesday.

Hoare does oil paintings of people's features, including dozens of family and friends' faces, as well as more VIP visages, with his work appearing in cafes and galleries around the city.

He looks at photos of his subjects before retiring to his studio to paint them, spending hours trying to capture the essence of the person.

"I don't really like doing pictures of people posing or pulling a big smile, I like it when they're relaxed and acting naturally," he said.

Connolly provided the perfect project with his comedic character often changing his facial expressions.


"Every now and then you find fantastic faces to paint, and I'm a fan of Billy Connolly, always have been, and he has an interesting face worth painting," he said. "He's down to earth and realistic, he's one of those people that he is what he is and he doesn't try to be anyone else."

Hoare is so much a fan he even named his 4-month-old border collie after the comedian.

Hoare's family gave him tickets for Connolly's Palmerston North performance for his birthday and Hoare said it would be great to get the comedian to sign the painting.

"Normally I get really good feedback on my work, but this is something completely different," he said. "I'd just love for him to see it. I don't mind about anything else. I'd just love for him to see it and just to see what he thinks of it.

"It's quite hard being an artist sometimes . . . and there's a level of satisfaction when a person you've painted likes it."

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