All the world's a stage, including the market

00:00, Apr 25 2014
Philip Mills
SHAKESPEARE'S WORDS: Philip Mills, left, leads a troupe through Feilding’s Friday market while reciting lines from William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.

Nearly half a millennium ago William Shakespeare strolled through bazaars much like the Feilding Farmers Market.

So it was fitting that Manchester Square hosted The Market Players as part of a celebration of the 450th anniversary of the playwright's birth.

"The farmers market is similar to the sort of farmers markets around in Shakespeare's time," said Sheridan Hickey from Shakespearience.

The group walked the market performing Shakespeare pieces and reciting sonnets, dressed in the clothing of the time. They were also on hand to discuss all things Shakespeare with shoppers.

"People are fascinated with the costumes," she said.

That Shakespeare's work is so significant four and a half centuries on was because it played to base human emotions, Hickey said.


"Shakespeare was a man of the people."

Mark Kilsby of Shakespearience agreed that the bard had an innate understanding of people.

"It's about human emotion, and human emotion doesn't change," he said.

Yesterday's market visit was part of a week-long Shakespeare celebration in Manawatu.

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