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WorldSkills competition a chance for young tradies to show skills

Phoebe Coers​ wanted to be a mountain biker when she was little. Now she's an apprentice plumber.

Residents claim kids played in P-contaminated goods dumped on Wainuiomata lawn

Kids were playing among a pile of rubbish dumped on a lawn outside a contaminated house, locals say.

'Cunning' identity thief sentenced to home detention

Fraudster who created elaborate fake identity deemed 'not so smart' after comeuppance in court.

Residents at odds as replanted pohutukawa ripped out on coastal street

The plants were chopped down, replanted, chopped down again. What's going on?

One dead in Whangarei car crash overnight

The driver of a car has been killed after the car they were driving smashed into a pole.

Inner city living answer for Hamilton's dying CBD

Inner city living is about to drop in Hamilton.

Driver dies in one-vehicle crash near Whangarei, Northland

A person has died in a one-vehicle crash near Whangarei overnight.

Student loan borrowers seeking bankruptcy as millions in debts wiped due to insolvency

"Traitors" claim as Kiwis overseas declare themselves bankrupt due to mounting debt.

Thunderstorms hit Otago, reports highway underwater

Parts of State Highway 8 are underwater as a thunderstorm batters Otago.

Bidding war pushes modest Island Bay beach bungalow close to $1m - $315k over RV

Modest 3-bed home in Wellington's Island Bay sparks bidding war at auction.

Live by the sword, die by the sword - Colin Craig's life lesson

Colin Craig lost a lot more than $1.27 million in the Jordan Williams defamation case.

Cat suffers horrific injuries in school holiday slug gun attack

Graphic image: Bored schoolkids may have been responsible for attack that shattered pet's jaw.

Massey, history, and memory: Why we honour flawed heroes

OPINION: We can't move forward as a nation by spitting on the legacy of those, however imperfect, who helped to build it.

Massey aimed to protect 'lost tribes of Israel' with racist policies, academic says

A desire to protect the racial purity of the "lost tribes of Israel" is claimed to be behind the "white supremacist" stance of William Massey.

Waikato crash brings down power lines

A crash has forced detours on State Highway 39 in the Waikato.

Massey racism name-change debated by staff and students

Heated debate erupts at university, in light of white-supremacist comments by the historic PM it's named for.

What was that all about? The Colin Craig trial in a nutshell

The Colin Craig defamation trial was about sex, lies and poetry.

Tensions rising between mountain bikers and walkers on Wellington's trails

Wellington's cycling battleground has shifted from Island Bay to the bush.

Public help police to nab alleged armed jewellery robbers in Auckland

A member of the public stepped in to help police catch alleged robbers.

Fibre causes sentencing hiccup

An Invercargill man may be given a harsher sentence because electronic monitoring equipment does not work on fibre connections.

DOC recovers 1080 poison but still unsure how it got there

"Whether its been done from a helicopter or been placed out there, at the moment we don't know enough to be certain."

Is there a chance New Zealand's power grid could shut down?

The whole of South Australia was without power on Wednesday. What are the odds of a similar outage in NZ?

I firmly believe it will make its way back, says gallery owner whose pounamu was stolen

"Pounamu does that - it always comes home," says owner of burgled art gallery.

Seventy-year-old abandoned oil well uncovered in New Plymouth

Taranaki has an estimated 140 abandoned oil wells out of a total 359 nationwide.

Public say Pukekura Park's $73,000 signs are unreadable

People are saying they don't do what a sign should - direct you where you need to go.

Shortage of structural engineers to check safety of Invercargill buildings

Invercargill's structural engineers are in for a busy time, with commercial buildings required to be assessed for earthquake risk.

Man found guilty of groping boys in Palmerston North and Wellington mosques

Jury finds a man indecently assaulted three boys in North Island mosques.

Treasury issues warning over risks of online schools in NZ

Concern that online schools could be "parking spaces" for students already at risk of failing.

Honeymooner killed in Wairarapa road crash 'wanted to see the stars'

He checked into a motel with his new wife. Hours later he was found dead in his rental car.

CAA awaits pilot report in Queenstown paragliding crash

Pilot of the crashed paraglider still hospitalised, passenger released.

$80,000 trust fund boost for children of slain zookeeper

Money put into a trust fund for Billy and Sage, the children of a keeper killed by a tiger in Hamilton last year.

Colin Craig ruled to have defamed Jordan Williams

Colin Craig "very, very" surprised at defamation ruling, for which he must pay $1.27 million.

Jail term quashed for assaulting two Blenheim women, home detention imposed

Appeal judge says home detention was a real alternative.

Man who planned public protest against Losi Filipo's rugby contract reveals online threats

"Let's find out his address and then we'll turn up at his place," commenter wrote.

Farming versus environment; regional council candidates split

Manawatu's waterways are on the line. Regional council candidates discuss.

Should we be worried? Exporting the new politics down under.

When Trump speaks, we can't stop ourselves from listening. What does it mean for us next year?

Flying high with Rotorua Canopy Tours

This tourist attraction, named the best in NZ, allows you to sing and swing with the native birds.

Man's death near Middlemore Hospital not suspicious, police say

Police aren't treating the death of a man near Auckland's Middlemore Hosptial as suspicious.

Dopey tenants do a runner, leaving trail of destruction

Mark Taylor's had to do a lot of cleaning after filthy tenants waged war on his rental.

Mangere Bridge Beach mystery: the perplexing, perfectly-cut lemons

Mysterious case of vitamin sea: A lovely day out for an Auckland mum turned out to be a bit of a lemon.

Laser strikes on aircraft: What you need to know

How bad is pointing a laser at a plane cockpit really? As it turns out: Bad. Very bad.

Murderer not recalled to prison despite multiple breaches, assaults on police

Parole Board says murderer was "fortunate" to not get sent back to prison earlier.

Would a Colin Craig-style text be appropriate at your work?

So what has the Colin Craig defamation trial taught us about sexual harassment?

High Court hearing to go ahead despite offer of settlement

A High Court judge has been called on to settle the latest dispute over a troubled computer software investment.

Southern trucking giants to join forces

Two of Southland's trucking industry giants are hoping to join forces, as HW Richardson prepares to take up a 50 per cent stake of Dynes Transport.

Founders Theatre's future to be decided by new council

Hamilton's newly elected council will decide on the future of the city theatre and its possible replacement.

Councillor tells candidate with cerebral palsy he would struggle due to disability

DCC councillor told council candidate he wouldn't be elected, due to his cerebral palsy.

Walking a tightrope on Wellington's outdoor trails

Wellington's outdoor trails are one of the glories of the green capital, but tensions are rising among users.

Anti-fluoride DHB candidates are standing up and down country, but not always revealing their stance

Many candidates across NZ say they are against water fluoridation - but don't reveal this in their candidate profiles.

Chris Trotter: Colin Craig's behaviour would embarrass a spotty adolescent

OPINION: Colin Craig suffers from the political equivalent of leprosy.
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