World News

Freed by Cuba after 5 years

US man released to normalise relations with Cuba says it's time to get beyond "belligerent policies".

Abbott: Siege possibly 'preventable'

2:08pm Sydney seige was an "atrocity" that might have been "preventable", says Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Life sentence for daughters' murders

2:54pm Australian father who murdered his two young daughters to exact revenge on his ex-wife will spend more than 30 years in jail.

Teen pardoned after 70 years

1:54pm At 14, George Stinney Jr. was convicted of murder by an all-white jury and executed. Seventy years later, he has been exonerated.

President Obama's big gamble

OPINION: For years, US policy towards Cuba has been guided by the lobbying of a small number of Cuban-Americans. Now Obama thinks he can take them on.

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