Stigma limiting male teacher numbers

OPINION: The Ministry of Education appears at a loss as to how to resolve the chronic shortage of male teachers, a challenge hampered by both red flags and red tape.

Wheels of council turn painfully slowly

It's been a funny old year for the Palmerston North City Council.

An opportunity to reconnect

Christmas presents under the tree

The reflective Christmas editorial brings the reason for the season into sharper focus for the few interested enough to read it.

Christianity: a persecuted religion

OPINION: Overall, we are not a religious society and, truth be told, it is difficult to remain an observant Christian in our present age.

Despot shouldn't mess with Hollywood

North Korea has made a significant error of judgment. A serious misstep.

Triple merger proposal is out of left field

The intent and rationale behind moves to form a single regional economic and tourism agency is clear and sensible, except for Feilding Promotion's inclusion in the proposal.

Two top blokes earn recognition

OPINION: It's that time of year again. A time to reflect on the year and, for me, those who definitely shaped it for better. Not worse.

Call for action against extremism and terror

OPINION: This is not a time of moderation. Sadly it should be, but it appears the forces of extremism have stolen the narrative.

Booze branding ban needs better assessment

OPINION: If the brains trust on alcohol abuse think axing booze advertising will have a positive impact on young people's habits, then get to it - but don't single out sports sponsorship.

Cruel lesson in nature strikes close to home

OPINION: We had a sharp reminder last week of how merciless nature can be.

Cafe siege brings terror threat closer

OPINION: In the aftermath of the deadly terror that struck at the heart of Sydney, only the naive would deny the possibility of terrorism touching our own faraway shore.

Kiwi jailed in Bali deserves sympathy

OPINION: Seeing as Parliament has adjourned for the year I was going to write a list of who I think were the political "winners and losers" of the year gone by.

Stats support health advocate's view

OPINION: To many it will come as no surprise that Maori and Pacific Islanders are among the most unhealthy ethnic groups in our country.

Aim gender toy contempt at the makers

The dismissive reaction to the No Gender December toy campaign is predictable and understandable.

Freedom - do as we say, not as we do

OPINION: To secure the tenets of freedom so religiously preached, the US has been prepared to undermine and practically ignore that of others.

Now the third-term blues

OPINION: This week John Key confirmed he definitely plans to stand for a fourth term in 2017.

Power grab may assist Zimbabwe

OPINION: Political dynasties tend to thrive mainly in very large democratic countries where name-recognition is a huge asset.

Questions remain

OPINION: On a cold, windy September day in 2012 a young man died. It was avoidable.

Buses, parking meters - do we need them?

OPINION: Grant Smith wants to be mayor of Palmerston North. As part of his campaign he has highlighted parking in the city as an issue.

Wasting rates over river

Palmerston North river lovers would be right to ponder whether money is being spent in the right places.

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