Nats face third-term blues?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JULY 26:  Prime Minster, John Key speaks to the media following his speech at the Annual National Party Conference at Sky City on July 26, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

OPINION: Is National catching a case of the third-term blues?

Losing a family member is tough, even just the cat

Picking winners isn't such a winner for Sunsuper

I am writing this column having just showered off dirt from the ground in which I buried Marcus, our family cat.

Why Whanganui wants to lynch me

Duncan Garner: Positive and negative comments

OPINION: The good people of Whanganui want my guts for garters.

What's in a flag?

Should we change the New Zealand Flag

OPINION: New Zealand is not the only country in the world flirting with its fluttering symbols.

Transgender inclusion worth a little weirdness

Transgender flag

OPINION: Palmerston North seems to have captured its own corner of the Zeitgeist as the city council prepares to place gender-neutral signs on its public loos. 

Give hospital staff a break - we'll all benefit

19022014 news Photo Murray Wilson/ Fairfax.
Photos from a Mc Intosh crane at a height of 100 mtrs in The Square , Palmerston North.(photos were taken at various height on the way up.)
Palmerston North Hospital

OPINION: The level of outstanding holiday leave at Palmerston North Hospital is a worrying sign for both the fatigue of its staff and the appeal of the medical profession. 

Sandy golf remains the real deal

Ryan Fox  tees off on the 2nd hole in  the 144th Open Championship at  St Andrews, Scotland.

OPINION: TV remote meant St Andrews and the British Open wasn't remote for us.

Inmates have a choice

Sunshine Shining In Prison Cell Window

OPINION: In the same week where we have seen a group of Manawatu inmates deal with their incarceration in a constructive manner, we have also witnessed the darker side of the prison system.

City supported to seek solutions

Government and local government opinion is divided on what to do with plastic bags.

OPINION: It was interesting to see several councils around New Zealand making their own local and sometimes national headlines by following Palmerston North's lead in calling for a levy to be imposed on single use plastic shopping bags.

Economic pessimism healthy

Prime Minister John Key could be too relaxed about the state of the economy.

OPINION: The prime minister's lack of concern over the direction of the New Zealand economy could come back to bite him.

Sparkling Chrystal pipped by big Simon

Simon Barnett and Vanessa Cole on their way to winning Dancing With The Stars 2015.

OPINION: Whether it was a personality or dancing contest, Simon won.

Beer blog: More to session beer than IPA

There are plenty of session beers on the market which are not low-alcohol IPAs.

There are plenty of low-alcohol beer options for those who do not like IPA.

Concerns about redress overstated

Joshua Margolis

With the protracted Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations nearing an end, the terms of the mammoth trade deal will probably be announced soon.

Garner: One people, two NZs

We now have the tale of two New Zealands, writes Duncan Garner.

We have two New Zealands. The difference has never been so stark.

Double blow for farmers

06032015 News John Bisset/FairfaxNZ.  Farming Dairy cows belonging to  Henry & Erin Bolt of South Canterbury

OPINION: Farmers are often criticised for being people who view the world from a glass half empty perspective. But they will certainly have plenty to worry about after the dual blows their industry has been dealt this week.

Media going soft on dairy

111213. News. Photo: Loren Dougan/Fairfax NZ. Chris Engel, on his dairy farm near Carterton. Two of his cows died after eating palm kernel expeller supplementary feed which had metal fragments in it.

OPINION: It's all too little too late for the mainstream media in its attempts to come to grips with the dairy industry's woes, writes Rachel Stewart.

Rise of low alcohol beer could change how we drink

16122014 News Photo: Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ.

Steve Major pours a low alcohol 4 percent Three Piece Wheat beer at The Free House.

OPINION: Following largely fruitless campaigns to curb New Zealand's booze culture over the past decade, it now looks like progress is being made on the most unlikely front - the country tavern. 

Time is running out for Freyberg

240514. 123rf.
Stock Photo - a Rugby ball on a rugby field

 activity, background, ball, bright, champion, clear, close, competition, contest, cup, evening, field, foot, football, fun, game, goal, grass, green, ground, international, kick, lawn, lights, night, one, outdoor, outside, play, pole, post, recreation, round, rugby, score, season, seasonal, series, single, skill, sport, stadium, summer, tournament, victory, win, winner, world

OPINION: Freyberg's rugby team doesn't have to be target practice for everyone else.

Anna Guy: Five years without Scott

Anna Guy looks back over the last five years.

My mum was crying and calling out for Scott, and it was then that I realised this nightmare was true.

Kiwis under siege by health experts

Running-writing dropped: Finland is replacing cursive writing for typing lessons.

OPINION: New Zealanders are under siege, bombarded almost weekly with warnings that we’re killing ourselves by drinking too much, eating the wrong food or being too fond of sugar.

Motivated police a must

Picking winners isn't such a winner for Sunsuper

OPINION: If there is one group of people in our community who we need to be engaged with their jobs, it's the police.

Crimes not to be tolerated

smashed window

OPINION: on a stroll through Pit Park, I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a pile of smouldering garbage.

Chrystal nails lift from heaven

Chrystal Chennery, with Jonny Williams, on Dancing with the Stars.

REVIEW: DWTS looks likely to be a shootout between Siobhan Marshall and Chrystal Chenery.

Labour's 'expose' on Chinese investors poor form

**** 05.10.2007 House for Sale Real Estate Auckland. Property market. Sign fallen down.
Photo Credit Michael Bradley. 05/10/2007 82205 Michael Bradley Auckland  This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

If you want a masterclass in poor political management, you need look no further than Labour's badly conceived and poorly executed "expose" on Chinese investors.

Sherwood goes close in bullring in Spain

Levi Sherwood back on the podium at the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Madrid.

Manawatu freestyle motocross star Levi Sherwood is third in the  X-Fighters series.

Afternoon test a rare treat

Sonny Bill Williams during the All Blacks v Manu Samoa rugby union test match at Apia Park. Samoa. Wednesday 8 July 2015. Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga / www.Photosport.nz

OPINION: The opening rugby test match of the season invariably frustrates. From the earliest age it's always confused me as to why this should be so.

Ghost Tower farce a mystery nobody needed

The "Ghost Tower" after it was blown down in high winds.

OPINION: I'm sorry Palmerston North City Council, but just because it's called the Ghost Tower doesn't mean its misfortune is deserving of a mystery.

Do we no longer tolerate freedom of speech?

Pebbles Hooper has quit her newspaper job.

OPINION: One person's ill-founded tweet spark an online lynch mob. What has happened to our tolerance of freedom of speech?

Highlanders won with foreign legion

Burly Manawatu Turbos wing Nathan Tudreu could be a Hurricanes prospect for next season.

OPINION: Will the Hurricanes ever win a Super Rugby title?

Whio and pateke decorate toilet walls

Fluffy ducks feature on the new toilet wall at Paneiri Park.

OPINION: After weeks of dodging the holes in the ground, the downstream walker was delighted to find Palmerston North's newest public loo has finally been completed.

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