River cleanup a work in progress

Manawatu River pollution


OPINION: The improving condition of the Manawatu River is encouraging, but no one should pat themselves on the back just yet.

Sacking coaches isn't the Kiwi way

Emily Naylor

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Sacking coaches in the middle of a season is not the New Zealand way.

Laboured with minor matters

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Every New Zealander who cares about this country's future would agree that a robust political opposition is key.

Investment in sculpture sound

OPINION: A lot of people are expressing their opinion about Palmerston North's newest public sculpture, but not all opinions carry the same weight.

Coalition fancies are pie in sky


OPINION: Labour-supporting pundits and commentators have long sought consolation in the idea that National is hamstrung by a lack of strong coalition partners.

Shining lights into dark places


OPINION: Before the mid-2000s, Palmerston North's city centre had a reputation as a gloomy, dangerous place where violent bashings and sex attacks were common.

'Private' dinner a public disgrace

Judith Collins

OPINION: For anyone who believes in open, transparent government, it was an ugly sight.

Death before surrender


OPINION: Pakistan's former military dictator Pervez Musharraf is on trial for high treason.

Slides won't be cheap


OPINION: If you want your city to be a drawcard for visitors, it's going to cost.

Warriors burning coaches


OPINION: While the Warriors performed poorly at the weekend, the debacle off the field was much worse.

Army rugby needs unity

rugby ball generic

Action needed as Linton Army senior team is being endangered by desertion from within its own ranks.

Flag change for independence

nz flag

OPINION: Australians are perplexed - and I suspect slightly miffed - that New Zealand is likely to beat them to a new flag.

Mutual respect key to cycle safety

Cycleway, cycling, lane

OPINION: A public conversation about cycle safety is essential, but it needs to be respectful.

Exposure worth more than tour costs


OPINION: Rightly or wrong, the William and Kate attract huge international media interest wherever they go.

Signs of a healthy democracy

OPINION: All parts of the political spectrum must be free to hold and express their opinions. There should be no room for intolerance.

Time to move on from comments

Rachel Smalley

OPINION: The treatment of broadcaster Rachel Smalley has been poor, to say the least.

Spirit of openness is what's lacking

parking ticket

OPINION: Five years ago, there was a public outcry in Palmerston North when the city council spent $25,000 on a Christmas tree.

Bennett not telling the full story


OPINION: A $10.5 million saving sounds great, but Paula Bennett hasn't provided enough detail.

Heading for a hungry world


OPINION: In a rapidly warming world, living at high altitude or with a high bank balance will be the only way to eat.

The legend of Bill Adlam and his watch


OPINION: Rugby referee Bill Adam was Manawatu's sporting scapegoat, for an overtime game in 1978.

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