Drug-resistant dogs

Antibiotics are not just helpful for humans. Dogs can benefit, too.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Antibiotics are useful, but dogs can be resistant to them.

Are perks a cause for concern?

Children enjoying the Makino Aquatic Centre afrer its extensive upgrade.

OPINION: Special perks for council staff may help the regions retain quality workers.

Relaxed about cycling

Sir John Key reflects on his knighthood.

OPINION: In years to come, we could remember Sir John Key as the main behind a cycling revolution.

Sporting events stir different kinds of memories

OPINION: What do we really remember about sporting events?

Public backlash over the top

The Edge hosts Jay-Jay and Dom believe ratings come down to consistency of humour.

OPINION: Making an ill-advised on-air gaffe should not be a career-ending mistake for an entertainer.

Lions test side won't spin it wide

Jared Payne scores the British and Irish Lions' fourth try against the Chiefs.

OPINION: The midweek Lions took free rein and stunned us by spreading the ball at Hamilton.

A break is exactly what's needed

A weekend away with the girls doesn't quite go to plan, but is still a valuable experience.

COLD COFFEE: Finally, after months of planning, it was here: A getaway with girlfriends.

Let's not romanticise revolution

Martyn Bradbury says we're 'sleepy hobbits' - but we don't know how lucky we are.

OPINION: Fear not Kiwis, there are much worse things to be than politically docile.

Driven by racism

For Zest, Life, Tempo Recipes, food styling and photography by Emma Boyd. Cauliflower pizza.

OPINION: Decision to stop delivering to the mean streets of Rotorua doesn't sit well.

Don't write off the Lions yet

Jack McGrath of the Lions looks dejected after their defeat by the Highlanders at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

OPINION: To dismiss the Lions after two games was too soon. After four games, we still can't.

Learning is not a business

Massey University

OPINION: For-profit education is not in our best interests, writes Damian Ruth.

Beware identity politics

If we took identity politics to its extreme we wouldn't celebrate Christmas, says Karl Du Fresne.

OPINION: If cultural appropriation were taken to its extreme we'd be pretty bored, says Karl Du Fresne.

Our lessons from British election

UK  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made up considerable ground against the Conservatives, but not enough to force a change ...

OPINION: British Prime Minister Theresa May has gambled everything and lost.

It pays to choose neighbours well

Awapuni Racecourse to stick with its Racecourse Rd entrance.

On the wisdom of inviting incompatible neighbours to your boundary.

When the other testicle doesn't drop

Testicles need to be kept at below body temperature for the spermatozoa to be viable

PAWS AND CLAWS: Problems arise when the testicles don't make it through their tunnel in the groin.

Holding on to what's ours

Harjit Singh, director of Vege King.

OPINION: I remember the moment when I lost faith in the New Zealand Police.

Guns in schools warrant robust debate video

EDITORIAL: Just like weapons themselves, the issue of guns in schools needs the safety catch on.

Bizarre America’s Cup

Team New Zealand flying across the water in the America's Cup.

OPINION: What we have in Bermuda is a contest taking place above sea level.

Life as an ambivert

Speaking to a crowd is no problem, but once it's over, it's time to recharge - alone.

OPINION: Parenthood is tough on the ambivert, who craves space to recharge, Greer Berry writes.

Exercising his legal rights

Mark Lundy, during his 2002 trial. He was found guilty of killing his wife and daughter.

OPINION: Mark Lundy is allowed to appeal his convictions and we need to accept that.

What's in a name

Choosing your child's name can be tricky business (file photo).

OPINION: We're having a debate that almost all parents-to-be face. What do we call our baby?

A celebrity death can resonate

Roger Moore in the James Bond adventure 'Live and Let Die'.

OPINION: He wasn't a great actor, but Roger Moore's demise still saddens.

The beauty of the big red chair

Graham Norton loves it when Kiwis sit in his show's red chair.

OPINION: A large proportion of Graham Norton's guests are Kiwis telling cringeworthy stories from home.

Paw form in winter

They may look sturdy, but our pets' paws and claws are susceptible to a range of ailments.

OPINION: Damp weather can bring on a range of problems for our pets' paws and claws.

Appropriate appropriation

Like the film Moana, the Orlando theme park Volcano Bay has come under attack for its appropriation of customs from ...

OPINION: You can't share your culture with the world, and keep it in a cage.

A legend of sport

Aileen Nash is a former New Zealand golf representative.

OPINION: Aileen Nash was a sports editor and a force on the golf course.

Vaccination free speech 'undermined'

Dr Lance O'Sullivan jumped on stage at a screening of the documentary Vaxxed to share his pro-vaccination views.

OPINION: When we start suppressing opinions, we are on a slippery slope.

Right first time is ultimately simpler

This is just the start of temporary works in the Manawatu River at the Ashhurst Domain to divert the flow from slamming ...

OPINION: The meeting that ran upside down, or around in a circle.

No guarantees for democracy

Gerald Ford didn't need any votes to become Unites States President.

OPINION: Some things are more important than the right to vote.

Short-term Budget for election year

Finance Minister Steven Joyce's Budget was designed with the election in mind.

OPINION: Bill English and Steven Joyce are focused on selling a story of sound economic management.

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