Abuse of prescription drugs shows pressure can get to sports stars

Kieran Foran is in a rehabilitation facility after overdosing on prescription drugs.

OPINION: For decades it was alcohol that was the pressure-relief valve of choice for sports stars.

OPINION: The interesting things that animals eat

A king charles spaniel was at the vet hospital this week after eating something a little hard.

OPINION: Grass is a word with many meanings including the green area around the house to electric lawn clippings that are inhaled.

OPINION: Actors make the character their own

Luther's Idris Elba has made the character his own, according to Malcolm Hopwood.

People who follow Luther (UKTV, Mondays) and Bosch (Box, Tuesdays) deserve a small mention in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Only a small one.

OPINION: Manawatu club rugby needs to be at full strength

It's a shame players like Otere Black (passing) and Newton Tudreu are not on show as often, writes Peter Lampp.

OPINION: It has been a pain in recent years tripping along to watch Manawatu club rugby matches when so many of the best players aren't on show.

Moral issues sidetrack drone-strike movie

Helen Mirren as Colonel Powell in Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky is a movie for anyone fascinated with drones.

Masters of the middleground

Prime Minister John Key is the master of the middleground, keeping both moderates and conservatives happy.

OPINION: National are appeasing the Right with minimum effort.

OPINION: Politicians' travel expenses food for thought

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce spent nearly $800 on a steakhouse meal for him and four others while in Houston.

OPINION: As good as a $100 steak sounds, it's got to be tough for the New Zealand public to swallow. 

OPINION: Sellers' claim to fame was a milestone for our nation

Veteran New Zealand sports broadcaster Peter Sellers at home in Dunedin in 2013.

OPINION: Peter Sellers is dead.  Of course he is, you might think.  Never that physically robust, Sellers' health didn't really recover from a series of heart attacks suffered whilst filming Billy Wilder's Kiss Me, Stupid in 1964.  

Ringworm - highly contagious, but easily treated

Ringworm is very contagious and often all the animals in a litter will be affected.

OPINION: It's a bit like an early Xmas every day at the pet hospital lately.

Burundi: The next genocide?

Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza.

OPINION: The good news is that the killing in Burundi has not yet grown into a civil war.

Nothing beats an underdog like Eddie Edwards

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton in Eddie the Eagle.

OPINION: Any kids who have been rudely told they will never make it at sport could do worse than go see the Eddie the Eagle movie.

OPINION: Revaluations will alter rates balance

Understanding the effect of property valuations on council rates.

OPINION: The pain of property value increases will hit Palmerston North homeowners when the next rates demand arrives.

Infinity a bio drama not to be missed

The Man Who Knew Infinity actor Dev Patel, left, with director Matt Brown.

Don't read American reviews of The Man Who Knew Infinity. It's not to be missed.

OPINION: Put yourself in a soldier's boots

The landing at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 1915.

OPINION: Picture yourself crammed into a tiny boat, headed for what is now known as Anzac Cove.

Fey thrives as reporter in Afghanistan

Tina Fey as Kim Baker in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

REVIEW: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot more than lives up to its military jargon name.

OPINION: Dogs reflect their owners

#### Dog. PIT BULL  An American Pitt Bull Terrier X. Picture by David White... 01/12/2004 29452 Photographers Auckland  ...

OPINION: Hysteria is defined as 'exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement' and has been known, if used well, to serve a useful purpose.

Familiar Anzac Day a blessing

Anzac Day under the sway of a new national flag would have marred its meaning.

OPINION: It's a blessing Anzac Day has been spared the rhetoric of the flag debate.

REVIEW: Identity, suspense and survival

Nina Hoss as Nelly in a scene from Phoenix a drama set in post-WWII Germany

REVIEW: Phoenix is a tale of lost and false identity, loosely adapted from a 1961 novel.

Reporting car break-in hardly worth the effort

13102015. News. Photo: ANNA LOREN/FAIRFAX NZ. Stock shots for theft ex car. Generic, vehicle crime, criminal, hammer, ...

OPINION: I have recently become a victim of crime.

OPINION: Surplus no cause for celebration

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith has expressed frustration at the lack of progress on some city council projects.

OPINION: The City Council is quick to point out how well its finances are doing but should they be celebrating the results?

Vulnerable people harmed by bogus inclusiveness


IHC Calf and Rural Scheme Coordinator Lynda Young-Kennedy checks ...

OPINION: Milton Friedman once said it's a great mistake to judge things by their intentions rather than by their results.

Little for New Zealand in Panama Papers

A Mossack Fonseca client was allowed to buy "sensitive" NZ land. Now we know who it was.

OPINION: The current international controversy that we are told could change everything here is the "Panama Papers".

OPINION: Cat sale ban unlikely

Gareth Morgan and his daughter's cat Bugsy The Morgan Foundation and SPCA joining forces to call for the end of cat ...

OPINION: Gareth Morgan's crusade to rid New Zealand of stray cats has extended to the company he played a major role in forming.

Food begins with the farmer

Recent events remind us food production doesn't begin at the supermarket, says James Stewart.

OPINION: Manawatu has been talking agriculture.

OPINION: Context essential in Fry's argument

Stephen Fry has caused an uproar by saying child abuse victims are too sensitive.

OPINION: There was a brief moment this week when Donald Trump and Stephen Fry appeared to merge into one.

Clergy solves crimes on Earth as it is in heaven

Father Brown knows more about sleuthing than confessional booth-ing.

There's a current spate of whodunits where the vicar is quicker and slicker than anyone else.

Keep the rat bait away from cats and dogs

Vet Malcolm Anderson is warning pet owners to keep rat poison out of reach from cats and dogs.

It almost seems like everyone is getting ready for hibernation in the past week, with trailer loads of firewood being stacked and all the hedges being trimmed, along with the flyers in the mail for electric blankets.

OPINION: Can you believe we're fighting for clean water?

Making New Zealand's waterways swimmable should be a priority, Marnie Prickett says.

OPINION: We are fighting for clean water in New Zealand. Can you believe it?

OPINION: Open space valued

Is there room on the Railway Land for more than gypsy fairs?

OPINION: The Railway Land in Palmerston North has endured a vexed history.

Willett breaks the elite shackles at Augusta

2016 Masters champion Danny Willett.

OPINION: A few moons ago a friend was playing rugby for one of the big London rugby clubs.

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