Confession no easy task

Confessing your failings to a witness can be excruciating.

OPINION: Preparing for, and going to, confession is much harder than it may seem.

A year of steady changes

Palmerston North City Council building dominates The Square.

OPINION: The annual cycle of city life has thrown up some wins along the way.

Sir David, the snail

A new Australian snail was named after Sir David Attenborough.

Tunnel Vision: "We could think of no better person to name a genus after."

Going for Brock

Mark Hunt takes a shot at Brock Lesnar during the UFC 200 event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2016.

Opinion: Men just don't get as big as him without using steroids.

Halbergs' olympic bent

Campbell Stewart, at the Halbergs.

And right it was too, stifling the normal moaning about the awards.

Caught in the act

After the horror of finding her daughter was a thief, Greer Berry left the scene of the crime as her free-parking limit ...

OPINION: My 1-year-old daughter is a thief, writes Greer Berry.

'I do not recant'

Richard Spencer, of the National Policy Institute.

Opinion: Liam Hehir stands by his condemnation of the Left using violence against hard-Right activits

You're welcome

The 'you're welcome rally' in The Square.

OPINION: We must stand up for our diversity and inclusiveness and not accept ignorance.

Amon honoured at grand prix

The sticker on the inside of each spoiler of every car at the New Zealand Grand Prix was a tribute to Chris Amon, who ...

Motorsport legend well and truly remembered at Manfeild at the weekend.

The Project is like 7 Days

Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin in Indian Summers.

TUNNEL VISION: The Project is the 6pm news with jokes or 7 Days without being gross

Heavy-handed security

Watching Ross Taylor's hundred was more enjoyable with a bit of atmosphere.

OPINION: As I joined the back of the beer queue the conversation had just begun.

Cricket in Napier in danger

McLean Park's lack of good drainage caused New Zealand's cricket match against Australia to be canned.

Opinion: The McLean Park debacle puts the art deco city on notice.

The Middle East conundrum

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't pull any punches when it comes to Palestine.

Opinion: New Zealand has traditionally taken a middle-of-the-road approach.

Let's not punch fascists

A man attacks Richard Spencer during the ABC's live interview.

OPINION: Fascism thrives when fists fly. We shouldn't sink to their level.

Time for solutions

Palmerston North City Council building.

OPINION: Manawatu businesses reveal what is really going on for them, again.

Dealing with breaks

Broken bones must stay very still in order to heal properly, and there are multiple options for pets.

PAWS AND CLAWS: At the hospital, breaking things has been this week's theme.

The dream of a free education

Monrad Intermediate School Principal John Forsyth will not be asking parents for school fees this year.

OPINION: To say New Zealand provides all children with a free education is a misnomer.

Australias cricket condescension

The 1981 "underarm incident" involving Greg Chappell's is not Swainson's main beef with Australian cricket.

OPINION: We were deemed beneath Australia and not just on the map, writes Richard Swainson.

Is the Kiwi as wild as we get?

Wild New Zealand featured the South Island's west coast. Pictured is Mitre Peak, in Fiordland National park.

TUNNEL VISION: The BBC this week decided to explore the wild side of New Zealand.

Real life better than fiction

Sully gives us a thorough look at the life of a thorough man who became a hero.

REVIEW: The inside story of an amazing flight.

Catering to whims of stars

Serena Williams in action in her second round match against Madison Brengle at the ASB Classic in Auckland.

OPINION: All the professional rock stars at the Australian Open tennis had to do was to hit the ball.

The great dummy divide

A dummy proved to be a useful aid in the Berry household, but it wasn't an easy choice.

COLD COFFEE: Nothing quite divides people – parents and non-parents - like dummies.

Brexit hits a legal hurdle

It turns out British Prime Minister Theresa May doesn't have the power to exit the European Union without first getting ...

OPINION: Another chapter in the contest between the Crown and Parliament looks like being resolved peacefully.

Time for pop music to shine

United States President Donald Trump walks with First Lady Melania Trump back to the Capitol Building after a Marine One ...

OPINION: A social conscience is as important to pop music as the melody.

Same but different

Miguel Ferrer died of cancer this month, aged 61.

Opinion: The son of an identical twin's double trouble telling people apart.

800 Words doesn't ting true

Erik Thomson, from 800 Words.

Tunnel Vision: Journalism drama lacking in facts.

Winiata snub is mad

Selica Winiata - women's player of the year, but not wanted by the sevens selectors.

Opinion: What are the rugby sevens selectors thinking? Peter Lampp asks.

Unwanted red shed

Not everybody wants The Warehouse in their town.

OPINION: This was going to be a column about The Warehouse, but somehow it's mutated into one about Greytown.

Obama's mixed legacy

Barack Obama leaves office to mixed reviews.

Liam Hehir: Messianic fervour around Obama faded fast, once he was in power.

Extra jumps for Woodville motocross

Rider will have even more jumps than usual to contend with at the New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at Woodville next weekend.

The Woodville motocross could be even more exciting this year.

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