Flawed man, marvellous musician

Chuck Berry's influence on music is undeniable.

OPINION: Not the least of Chuck Berry's achievements was survival.

Sin bin should be binned

It would have been better if Malakai Fekitoa was not shown a yellow card.

OPINION: It's time the red card was shown to the yellow card in rugby.

Enough of the pontificating by activist celebrities

Activist celebrities such as Angelina Jolie enjoy the luxury of being able to pontificate without ever having to deliver ...

OPINION: Celebrities have no more moral authority than the bank teller, the bus driver and the supermarket checkout operator, writes Karl du Fresne.

Closures sad for the city

The Gallery restaurant on Church St has closed after 16 years in the city.

OPINION: Closure of the Cloverlea Tavern and The Gallery a shame for Palmerston North.

What's a small political party to do?

Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Metiria Turei.

OPINION: A change in government this year could present an existential crisis to the Green Party.

Unforgettable ballets

Mayu Tanigaito and Tonia Lookers both rehearsing the role of Carmen.

Review: Carmen with L'Arlesienee turns heads in a commanding performance.

School Dance memories

Bronwyn Turei plays Hannah Ellis in School Dance.

REVIEW: Centrepoint's latest show delivered surprises aplenty.

Baskets among big city plans

Palmerston North.

OPINION: City progress tripped up by parking spaces, baskets and so-called beggars.

Testing the red stuff

There are a few common reasons for a cat to be drinking a lot of water.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Blood tests are a helpful tool in finding out what's going on.

Slow death on TV

Kris Marshall and Sara Martins in Death in Paradise.

Tunnel Vision: Prime's Sunday-night drama is like a favourite old pair of socks.

Rural Games widened our scope

Jojye popow, 11, has a go at milking the Fonterra speed milking cow at the Rural Games.

OPINION: The Rural Games took oddball sports to a new level, writes Peter Lampp.

We've all been there

Professor Robert Kelly's wife reaches desperately for the door after removing their children from the room.

COLD COFFEE: You've got to feel for the guy who's live TV interview was crashed by his kids.

Begging the question

The Palmerston North City Council is considering a begging bylaw in the CDB.

OPINION: Does Palmerston North have a begging problem? Or are councillors over-egging it?

Computer says no

Trixie Cottingham successfully - partially - appealed against the decision to strip her home help away.

OPINION: MidCentral was left foundering as it tried to measure success of home help cuts.

Beehive frustrations

Gareth Morgan faces a tough battle to get into Parliament.

OPINION: Why do small parties struggle to make it under their own steam?

Lessons for the entire country

This scene from the Port Hills fires in Christchurch is bound to bound to happen again.

OPINION: Planting back quickly and correctly is crucial after the Christchurch Port Hills fires.

Give 16 year olds the vote

Andrew Becroft's proposed debate is a good idea.

OPINION: Arguments against this are patronising and wrong.

So much for egalitarianism

Bill English's retirement announcement heralded mass debate.

Opinion: So we must all slave away for longer, even if we don't enjoy our retirements.

The Project's promising start

From left, Josh Thomson, Jesse Mulligan, and Kanoa Lloyd, hosts of The Project.

Tunnel Vision: New 7pm show is an enjoyable and amusing way of watching the news.

Taming our greens

Jarryd Felton, PGA champ and Peter Lampp's pro-am partner.

Opinion: Peter Lampp casts his well-trained eye over the NZPGA champs.

Wowsers in charge

Officials are mounting a war on alcohol.

Opinion: Karl Du Fresne agrees with Winston Peters. It's a situation he's not completely comfortable with.

Ardern impact minor

Jacinda Ardern humbled by Andrew Littles nomination

OPINION: Will Jacinda Arden's accession to the deputy leadership of the Labour Party be the "game changer" that has been heralded so often before?

Dreary hearing destroys the joy

Palmerston North City Council building.

Palmerston North's cycle and pedestrian bridge will be a major draw card.

Lorde is almighty, don't begrudge her

"Lorde's engagement across the globe is astonishing."

OPINION: Lorde has become so popular. But damn, ain't it so much cooler to just cut her down?

Oscars predictions a fraught business

And the winner is ... Moonlight, it turns out.

OPINION: Much can go wrong when you make Oscars predictions.

A great outdoor show

Sara Brodie, director of Summer Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, down by the Manawatu River.

Review: The Winter's Tale, by William Shakespeare, is a quirky beast, next to the river.

Sailors legging it

Team New Zealand grinders using their legs.

OPINION: Using the legs to generate America's Cup power is the way to go.

A love letter to Palmerston North

Sitting in the centre of Palmerston North is The Square complete with its clock tower, duck pond and multiple sculptures.

OPINION: People scoff at Palmerston North, but here I've found my Kiwi dream.

Dunne deal a smart move from the Left

Peter Dunne faces a stiff challenge from the Left for his seat.

OPINION: The Greens have come up with a smart play, but it's not guaranteed to work.

Awards La La Land's to lose

It's La La Land's year at the Academy Awards.

OPINION: The 89th Academy Awards take place on Monday afternoon, New Zealand time.

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