Comedy caper OK

Courtney Jelley as Michelle, Maggie Malone as Aisha and Judith Weavers as Barbara in The Supermarket Sisterhood, on at ...

REVIEW: Manawatu Theatre's new show has potential.

Catching the genealogy bug

Every Kiwi family has an Anzac story somewhere.

OPINION: Delving into the family archives to try to make sense of Anzac Day.

RP18 a notion from another age

"13 Reasons Why" Star Gets A Tweet From Her Idol Lady Gaga!

Come on kids, time to watch 13 Reasons Why.

Urgent surgery required

New Zealand's own Martin Henderson stars as Dr Nathan Riggs in Grey's Anatomy.

TUNNEL VISION: It could be time for Grey's Anatomy to surgically remove itself.

Revolution not so far-fetched

Gerry Brownlee missed his calling, writes Richard Swainson.

OPINION: I've been watching a lot of Russian propaganda on YouTube this week.

We're stuck with the gorge

Drone shot of the 2017 Manawatu Gorge slip, blocking State Highway 3 at the Woodville end.

OPINION: Manawatu Gorge closures may be costly to the region but the alternative options are even pricier.

Ministry responds


OPINION: Regulating high-risk products is necessary, says top manager.

The problem with pace setting

Runners cross Tower Bridge, the halfway point of the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon.

OPINION: Pace setting is taking the breeze out of top-class athletics distance records

The military child

Military families should take the chance Anzac Day presents to give themselves a pat on the back.

COLD COFFEE: As part of a military family, I see first-hand the effects our lifestyle has on family.

Public radio at its finest

Sir Geoffrey Palmer, one of three prime ministers featured so far on RNZ's The 9th Floor.

OPINION: RNZ mighht be too full of itself sometimes, but The 9th Floor is excellent.

Let us watch

Michael Feyen rightly told the MidCentral DHB about the success of his council's livestreaming.

OPINION: It's simple, cheap and effective, so there's no excuse not to livestream.

Wars are not easy to avoid

Anzac Day is a chance to remember the sacrifice of New Zealanders in war.

OPINION: There is no perfect formula or ideology that makes war obsolete.

John Clarke was swell

John Clarke as Fred Dagg, in 1978.

OPINION: John Clarke was a wonderful entertainer and a great man, writes Richard Swainson.

Barrett the bulldozer

Beauden Barrett leaves most other players in his dust.

OPINION: First five on track to be one of our best, and English language at its worst.

Raw milk's raw deal

Drinking raw milk straight from the udder never harmed anyone.

OPINION: Karl Du Fresne rallies against rules, regulations and bureaucracy.

If it sounds right, it's alright, more or less

The "grammar vigilante" strikes again.

OPINION: Sorry grammar police, '10 items or less' is fine with me.

Keeping things in proportion

How far should we go to hide alcohol displays in supermarkets?

RANKIN FILES: War on alcohol stirs connections to Trump's foreign policy.

Trading laws no longer relevant

Are Easter trading laws a remnant of a bygone era?

OPINION: Do Easter trading laws have a place in modern New Zealand society?

Hurricanes turn on the entertainment

He's wearing Hurricanes colours at the moment, but might Ngani Laumape be wearing black in future?

OPINION: Times have changed to such a degree the Hurricanes are now the best show in town.

In defence of small-town NZ

John Clarke as Fred Dagg in 1976.

John Clarke didn't grow up drinking Auckland cafes out of their chia smoothies.

Goodbye to hand-washing

It is more noble to wash dishes by hand than putting them in the dishwasher?

OPINION: Not having a dishwasher seemed like a noble idea. It wasn't.

Fact checking is flawed

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry's assertion Syria had no more chemical weapons has proven deadly wrong.

OPINION: To be Catholic in a post-Christian age is to suffer many misconceptions. One example is the idea of papal infallibility. Many assume the doctrine requires Catholics to hold that the Pope makes no mistakes.

Bar curfew a curious tactic

No matter what time bars close, people will still be rolling into town drunk. (file photo)

A 2am bar curfew hopes to reduce alcohol-related crime and pre-loading. If only it was that simple.

Censorship taking over

Don Brash is right to stand up for free speech.

OPINION: I defend Bob Jones' right to be rude and Geoffrey Palmer's right to be dull, writes Richard Swainson.

Frosty Knickers loses

Bradley Walsh, quizmaster.

TUNNEL VISION: The Chase is compelling TV, especially when the brains lose.

Standing against nukes

Thomas Nash is the co-founder of the UK-based disarmament organisation Article 36. He led the international campaign to ...

OPINION: Nuclear conference shows people are standing up for a world without nuclear violence.

The laughing mantis

Jeremy Coney entertained the crowd at the recent Manawatu Cricket dinner.

OPINION: Jeremy Coney keeps cricket dinner guests entertained.

No longer liberal

Cardiff University students tried to ban Germaine Greer from giving a speech in 2015.

OPINION: Students of the 1960s pushed the boundaries of the conservative establishment.

Significant shift for Labour

Labour leader Andrew Little, left, and co leader of the Green James Shaw.

OPINION: Labour is positioning itself as a serious candidate for the next election, writes Liam Hehir

Vote on voting

Lew Findlay is no fan of STV.

OPINION: STV to stay, but the system faces challengers.

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