NZ roads perfect for reality TV

Mount a camera on the dash and watch the drama unfold.

Speeding New Zealand drivers would make great reality TV, except, perhaps, for the carnage they regularly produce.

Fair suck of the sav Aussies

Australia is keeping many New Zealanders (by name only) in detention centres.

OPINION: Mean. Hostile. Unforgiving. Harsh. A breach of the most basic of human rights. But legal all at the same time.

Editorial: More care needed with the grieving

Vincent Drummond-Paulo's headstone in the Kelvin Grove Cemetery offending the family of a person buried nearby is regrettable on so many accounts.

There are fewer things more sensitive in our society than issues raised when dealing with grief and the dead.

Australia needs to be embarrassed

sign . 020702 AFR pic by Tanya Lake
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OPINION: The average Australian probably doesn't mind too much that scores of New Zealanders are in detention centres awaiting possible deportation.

Rugby's balance is an alarming shift

Wellington Hurricanes Christian Cullen evades the tackle of Auckland Blues Richard Fromont during their inagural Super 12 match played at the Palmerston North Showgrounds in 1996.

OPINION: There is an increasing danger of rugby being centred on a few major unions.

Seeing the forest from the trees

A decaying tree stump in Palmerston North.

OPINION: As the Gordon Kear Forest nears the end of its first harvest, memories are stirred of the man behind its name.

Editorial: Council stumped - again

Yarn bombers 'Wooly Riot' target the stumps in Broadway in Palmerston North.

OPINION: The Broadway Ave debacle almost feels worthy of its own stage show now

Red Peak just a PM rebuke?

The problem is that the Red Peak bandwagon is at least partly fueled by opposition to the Prime Minister personally

OPINION: More than anything else, Napolean Bonaparte prized luck in a battlefield commander. 

OPINION: Saudi appointment act of 'psychosis'

21052015 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Fairfax NZ.
Generic stock file photo letters to the editor pen paper write writing notes opinion over to you

OPINION: Just when you thought the world had reached maximum insanity along comes even more evidence of extreme psychosis.

RSA's demise an embarrassment

The Levin RSA bar is set for one last fling on Saturday.

OPINION: Demise of yet another RSA in greater Manawatu region shameful result for the area that hosts military hub.

Govt stumbles, but do voters care?

Duncan Garner was "inadvertently caught up" in the Ashley Madison scandal, TV3 reported on Tuesday.

OPINION: National has done everything possible this year to set itself up for the opposition benches.

Humble pie for Williams' haters

Sonny Bill Williams getting his arms free against Argentina.

OPINION: Should Sonny Bill Williams' fine touch continue at the World Cup, is the New Zealand public ready to embrace him?

Opinion: Flags mean so much

The New Zealand flag debate is more than a design debate.

OPINION: The current flag debate is riddled with problems. There is more to this than a design competition.

The crony capitalist and the principled politician

Donald Trump

One is a phony, the other a puritan. Both, however, have something very important in common.

Editorial: Sympathy for the scammed

Victims of scammers often feel too embarrassed to come forward and report the crimes.

OPINION: It's very easy for many to read stories of those who have been scammed and think that it would never happen to us.

Ban the censor, not the book

11092015 Feature Photo: Jason Dorday/ Fairfax NZ Author Ted Dawe with a copy of his banned book Into the River.

OPINION: Columnist Richard Swainson weighs in on the controversy surrounding Ted Dawe's Into the River novel.

Garner: Are the ABs too old to win?

They may be a step or two slower than in 2011 but All Blacks stalwarts such as Richie McCaw and Ma'a Nonu have crucial experience, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Too old - or the perfect blend of experience and exuberance?

More than mimicking Key's style

Malcolm Turnbull

OPINION: Governments do not ditch prime ministers lightly.

Flag lunacy has peaked

The political brouhaha over whether to include Aaron Dustin's  Red Peak design in the first flag referendum, is adding insult to infamy.

OPINION: Add Red Peak? Don't add Red Peak? We can almost sense satirists rubbing their hands for another round.

OPINION: Delays not council's fault

21052015 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Fairfax NZ.
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OPINION: Progressive Enterprises has been a bit cheeky in its attempt to build a Countdown supermarket in residential Palmerston North.

Editorial: A lion's share of the pie

21052015 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Fairfax NZ.
Generic stock file photo letters to the editor pen paper write writing notes opinion over to you

OPINION: PNCC's insistence on trying to get a slice of the British and Irish Lions rugby tour in 2017 is almost borderline embarrassing.

Privacy policies need review

computer; AFR news; 990207; Photo by Jessica Hromas. generic - computers, e-commerce, hacking

Comment: AI_Photos/Found


OPINION: A Privacy Commission review conducted last year found that it was relatively easy for medical staff with the proper credentials to gain unfettered access to the personal heath records of its patients.

Change of mood on refugees

John Key

OPINION: As Milton Friedman pointed out, politicians respond to incentives, just like the rest of us.

Garner: Don't give cops guns

The police response to a gunman in Upper Hutt proves officers have ready access to firearms, Duncan Garner says.

OPINION: OPINION: Is it time to arm New Zealand's police?

Talking about the "N" word

21052015 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Fairfax NZ.
Generic stock file photo letters to the editor pen paper write writing notes opinion over to you

OPINION: To my chagrin I've discovered that there are still people who don't appear to have a handle on what the word 'neoliberalism' actually means. 

Hospital parking pains

19022014 news Photo Murray Wilson/ Fairfax.
Photos from a Mc Intosh crane at a height of 100 mtrs in The Square , Palmerston North.(photos were taken at various height on the way up.)
Palmerston North Hospital

OPINION: So, what the companies managing pay parking at hospitals raking in?

Book ban an archaic approach

An Auckland bookseller, Time Out Bookstore, has placed the banned Into The River on display in a brown paper bag.

OPINION: The Film and Literature Board of Review has turned back the clock in its handling of one group’s aversion to a piece of youth fiction, writes Matthew Dallas.

The economy is brought into focus

Iain Lees-Galloway

OPINION: There is a little thread that goes with Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway's ejection from Parliament's debating chamber this week for barracking.

Editorial: Beware, the curtain-twitching gossip

Undercover Palmy is a Facebook group set up to report on police activity.

OPINION: People who listen to police scanners often do so with innocent interest. But sometimes it comes at a cost.

OPINION: Unforeseen consequences of idealistic ACC

1309 2012 Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.
The ACC building cnr Molesworth and Hawkstone st.

OPINION: Columnist Karl Du Fresne explore some of the potentially 'unforeseen consequences' of our ACC system.

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