Renee's victory her moment to treasure

Last updated 07:59 09/12/2013
Renee Maurice
TAKE IT AWAY: Renee Maurice, from Wellington, is this year's winner.

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OPINION: After the woman with the fulsome voice, Renee Maurice, won last night, it is now women three, blokes zip.

Clara van Wel, 14, won last year's NZGT, Jackie Thomas, 21, won X Factor and now Maurice, positively elderly at 22, won NZGT 2. With not a chap in sight, it must be discrimination.

No argument with Renee's vocals, fashioned since 15 singing semi-professionally. It was reaffirmed with her closing burst of Jennifer Hudson's And I am Telling You from Broadway musical Dreamgirls.

When we first saw Maurice in week two, she looked like a tulip, telling us about health issues, a car crash and screaming a Roger Whittaker song. Since then she has spruced up on the warpaint front and has certainly sung for her Rav 4.

While everyone is saying it was a Susan Boyle moment because of Renee's shoe size, that is unkind because they don't even sing the same stuff. We did see the real Susan last night though, "ho, ho, hoing" live all the way from west Lothian in Scotland.

The great unwashed texted, but for sheer promise, let's hope effervescent Gore schoolgirl Jenny Mitchell returns to nail one of these things, as Renee did, via X Factor.

Mind you NZ On Air has said no more $800,000 subsidy for NZGT, so we might not see a series three.

If we do, then please send the ultimate happy clapper, Rachel, back to being a clothes jockey where she can be seen and not heard.

And bring in Nigella Lawson, the sensuous cook oozing with cultura, who at 53 would not wear skirts to mid-thigh.

I knew it. When the three finalists came on and young Jenny sang Emile Sande's art popper Next To Me, with Miss Maurice, the notes were flawless.

Mitchell is so natural at only 14 and it was such a pity she pulled out a banjo and sang country last week.

How dancers Silhouette eclipsed Mitchell for second place must have been down to a mass slip of the texting thumbs for Tarzan and his flying Kate.

While on dancing, but for one snafu, Identity Dance Crew might have danced off with the 100 grand instead of finishing eighth.

Threequarters of last night's "final countdown" was unabashed padding and how Toyota NZ must have loved it. Having the judges driving over sandhills in a Rav had nothing to do with talent.

Then Jason Kerrison sang a song wearing a Zorro mask and had it been an NZGT entry, it would have been told to buzzer off. Instead, the rent-a-crowd clapped the rap crap.

To further fill out time, Imagination TV brought back the cringe fringe from earlier episodes including Randy O'Rooster from Motueka and two who should have been in the finals, the Diamond Divas.

How they finished: 1 Renee Maurice, 2 Silhouette, 3 Jenny Mitchell, 4 Oceana Olsen, 5 Brian & Sarah, 6 Cruize Karaitiana, 7 Rob Innes, 8 Identity Dance Crew, 9 James Lee, 10 Sam Francks, 11 Ethan Scharneck, 12 Mayo, 13 Black Trio.

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