Bad smell over beer pong

01:58, Feb 17 2014

Beer pong's been in the news lately (how weird is that as a sentence?) thanks to the PM playing it at the Big Gay Out.

After hearing of the photo-op Labour leader David Cunliffe told reporters he could drink John Key under the table. He later realised, or an aide told him, that such comments may not be wise in a culture where to many people are proud of their binge drinking.

A Kiwi company that sells beer pong tables has now had the genius of creating a custom table just in case the two pollies have a pong off.

Of course we know that will never happen but great marketing move nonetheless.

I, however, have another way of settling this. Instead of beer pong the politicians could play corn hole.

What's corn hole you ask? It's a fantastic game I was taught in South Dakota last year. And while you can drink while playing it, it's not a drinking game by definition like beer pong is.


There are some detailed instructions online for those that want to know more but essentially the aim of the game is to throw your bags of "corn" through a hole in a wooden board 20 paces away.

Get it through the hole you get three points, land it on the board you get one point. First team to 21 points wins.

My favourite part of the game however is that while your opponent is throwing you and your partner are allowed to do just about anything to put them off.

It's where the real brilliance, and evil, of the game comes in. So long as you don't step between them and their target you can shout, wave your arms, moo like a cow or pretend it's your turn by swinging your throwing arm.

The distraction techniques range from the subtle, moving around to change the shadows over the target, to the blatant, flashing your opponent as their throwing - as one female from London did to me. And yes I was distracted.

What's great is after a few games the obvious distractions don't work anymore so you have to think of new things to do. For example if mooing for a cow doesn't work maybe you could make a fox noise.

I learnt a great distraction from a guy from Montana called Hyme but I'm not going to give that one away on here in case I find a way to play corn hole here in NZ.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of a company that imports corn hole sets - maybe the beer pong guys could set up a new business. So if I want to play beer pong again I'll either need to get back to the States, which I'm working on, or build my own board.

If I do the latter I'll send out the invites to Cunliffe and Key, just don't tell them about the flashing as a distraction technique.

Have you played corn hole? Or have you learnt any games while travelling that you've wanted to bring back with you? Comment below of follow Matt on Twitter.

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