It's bon voyage for me

02:11, Mar 31 2014

I received a pretty neat parcel in the post recently.

It was a toy of the character Uncle Traveling Matt from kids TV show Fraggle Rock. I loved the show as a kid with Matt up there, along with Marjory the Trash Heap, as a favourite character.

While most of the Fraggles had never seen the human world, which Fraggles call "Outer Space", Uncle Traveling Matt was out exploring and would send back postcards to his nephew Gobo.

These were presented as minute or so-long video clips where generally Matt would completely misunderstand what was going on.

One I remember is Uncle Traveling Matt being confused that people were walking into a small room and when the doors reopened walking out as completely different people.

He finally mustered up the courage to walk in himself and when the doors reopened the world had changed. He'd discovered an elevator.


I couldn't find that clip online but I did find one with a distinctly Kiwi theme, which I've been told was written by Manawatu playwright, journalist and author Peter Hawes.

The arrival of the toy, with its strangely two-toned fur, is a bit ironic as this is my last blog. I've never quite kept up the energy needed to post on here regularly but I have enjoyed doing it.

I might relaunch this as my own site at some point, when I have more time, but Travelling Matt's life on is at an end.

I'm looking at returning to Canada this year and I still have stories from my last overseas adventure that I want to share.

Thanks to all who took the time to read my entries, especially those who took the time to respond.

It's probably come through in my writing that I'm a fan of puns. So I want to share this last bit of info about Traveling Matt.

The character's name in itself is a pun. A traveling matte is a green screen technique they used to film the Traveling Matt segments and other scenes in the show.

Travel safe everyone, if you like you can keep track of my travels by following me on Twitter.


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