Trueman eager to return to Jets

00:00, Jul 04 2014
Jeremiah Trueman
ON THE BALL: Jets Player Jeremiah Trueman, right, with Saints player Lindsay Tait hot on his heal.

Jeremiah Trueman is off to the United States next week, but is keen to come back for another season with the Manawatu Jets.

The 2.03m forward is moving to San Diego, his wife's hometown, but, if the Jets will have him, Trueman wants to come back for his fifth season in Manawatu.

He can only stay in the US for 90 days at time because his green card won't be ready, so he will return to Palmerston North for a month, then head back to the States, before returning in time for next year's NBL season.

"I can't really work because I don't have a work visa," he said. "I spent some years over there, two years in California at uni, so I'll go and talk with a few old friends and look for work when I do move over there."

Trueman and his wife will also take their children aged 5, 3 and 1 with them.

He will keep fit so he could be an injury replacement for a team in the Australian NBL. Trueman was one of the key men for the Jets this year, especially in the absence of centre Nick Horvath, who was injured for the first half of the season, and had tidy figures of 9.7 points per game and 8.2 rebounds.


"It was probably my best season as a Jet," Trueman said. "The body held out well."

Even though his shooting wasn't flash in some games, he shot at nearly 50 per cent from the floor.

"Some days the hoop felt like you're standing on the edge of a pier and throwing a rock into the ocean and sometimes it was the reverse."

Trueman said it was disappointing not reaching the semifinals, but they had to face adversity with players injured and Brandon Jenkins having missed part of the season while at home in the United states after a family bereavement. Trueman said they were good enough to get get into the top four, but "for whatever reason we didn't get there".

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