Walk the country, without leaving town

23:03, Jul 04 2014

Palmerston North Rotary has come up with a plan to encourage people to do a virtual walk from Bluff to Cape Reinga without leaving town.

Project RU^4IT (Are you up for it?) is a fundraiser for the club's youth projects that aims to benefit from people's interest in fitness and encourage regular exercise.

For $50, participants get a T-shirt, a pedometer, and access to the mobile app that calculates where you would be on a walk from one end of New Zealand to the other if you had set out from Bluff.

Club president David Petre said walking 6km a day would see one person cover the distance in a year, providing a personal exercise goal.

Another option was to sign up as a group, pooling each member's daily kilometres to make faster progress.

"It shows you what was your biggest day, where your friends are, who is in front of you, and where you would be based on the total kilometres walked so far."


Points of interest along the way are also pointed out, along with visitor attractions in the vicinity, providing a bit of geography tuition and general knowledge about New Zealand.

The beneficiaries of the fundraising project will be young people aged up to 25 years. Petre said up to 80 per cent of the money the club raised went toward projects to encourage leadership in that age group.

Youth Plus, a programme supporting NZ youth to be tomorrow's leaders and citizens, was the umbrella for a range of youth projects including the youth leadership award scheme, youth music festival, intermediate and primary students' speech festivals, the Icon Speakers series, Framjee Essay competition, international student support, and others.

The goal is to get 1000 people signed up for the walk.

Manawatu Standard