Manawatu association bounces back from deficit

The new indoor grassed practice facility has the Manawatu Cricket Association books looking healthy.

The MCA announced a profit of $107,691 at its annual meeting last night, compared with last year's $8945 deficit, the first deficit in 10 years.

The value of new covered wicket at Palmerston North Boys' High School put them in surplus and it could have been more, but development and operations manager Dave Meiring said the association decided to depreciate their other assets more.

Building the facility, which is nearing completion, used a large chunk of cash reserves, so the MCA aims for surpluses in the next few years to build up reserves again.

The decline in pub charity grants is a concern, but the MCA will still apply for some. With the resignation of general manager Neil Hood, Meiring has taken the role, as well as his development officer's job, which cuts salary costs.

Getting first-class cricket back to Fitzherbert Park after a three-year absence was noted as a success, as was the performance of the men's rep team, who won the Hawke Cup and the Tararua Shield. "We're in a strong position as an association from a financial and playing aspect," Meiring said. Vern Chettleburgh was re-elected patron; Dave Townend, who chaired the 20-minute meeting, was re-elected president; Murray Brown the senior vice-president; and both Paul Gibbs and Andrew Wylie were re-elected to the board. Other board members are Mark Cleaver, Derek Dilks, Dennis Radford, Craig Rowe and chairman Don Cleland. Now Fitzherbert Park is back on the first-class scene, Chettleburgh called for pressure to be put on Central Districts for more games next summer, which are a possibility with the World Cup in New Zealand next year.

MCA FINANCIALS: 2014: $107,691 surplus; 2013: $8945 deficit; 2012: $85 surplus; 2011: $44,227 surplus; 2010: $30,640 surplus; 2009: $9121 surplus; 2008: $76,126 surplus; 2007: $72,759 surplus; 2006: $79,296 surplus; 2005: $5885 surplus; 2004: $53,338 surplus; 2003: $13,126 deficit; 2002: $20,744 surplus; 2001: $4503 deficit; 2000: $17,334 surplus; 1999: $10,571 deficit; 1998: $3799 deficit; 1997: $12,796 surplus.

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