Potgieter stands down as chairman

Tennis Manawatu will have a new chairman next season.

Du Randt Potgieter stood down as chairman at an otherwise uneventful annual meeting which lasted a mere 22 minutes at Sport Manawatu last night.

"I've been chairman of the board now for four years and been on the board for five," he said. "I decided it's my time to step aside and make way for new leadership in the organisation and a fresh set of eyes."

Richard Trail and Nick White also stood down, but Andrew Sutherland (Marist), Sue Wells (Manawatu), Andy Williams (Manawatu) and Anna Eglinton (Manawatu), were elected.

Current board members are Roger Holmwood (Vets), John Salisbury (Marist) and Simon Manthel (Feilding).

The board will decide on a new chairperson before the season starts.

Tennis Manawatu declared a deficit of $9647, their first since 2008 and down from last year's $6342 surplus.

But it was only because a second round of NZCT funding wasn't in place by May and new funds were only received last month, so finances should be back on track next season.

"The loss is all to do with the timing of transactions," Potgieter said. "Grant funding didn't come in until after. I have a letter from the auditor and she specifically stated there was no concerns noted."

The annual income increased to $101,500 due to new fast fund income and more Hot Shots coaching in schools, but expenses were up to $111,000 because they paid more wages, with Ricky Pene in the new development manager's role.

Fees will remain unchanged again next season, even if Tennis New Zealand puts their's up.

The Hot Shots coaching programme was successfully carried out in Manawatu primary schools through coaches Salisbury and Kurt McNamara.

The committee to organise this summer's interclub competition is Salisbury, Mark Anderson (Manawatu), Bridget Dickins (Manawatu) and Paul Rooney (Feilding). Player numbers were up from 786 to 836.

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