NZ comp no sweat after Phil-Asia

Competing in the national championships will be a walk in the park for Lynette Burgess this weekend after returning from competing in the Philippines.

Burgess was fourth in the Phil-Asia International Bodybuilding Championships three weeks ago and the tough nature of that competition has her ready for the nationals in Auckland.

Even though it was only a short break between events, Burgess said it was better to do it that way.

"When you do two shows close together, you are better on the second show," she said. "You put your body through the major paces for that first show. Coming into the second show so quickly, your body's in good shape."

There were 15 people in her class in the Philippines but there won't be as many in Auckland, likely about eight people maximum.

There are 147 entries overall, but Burgess was unsure how many would be in her new class, the open figure, having stepped up from 50-plus senior figure.

"My body's just where I want it to be. Perfect, actually, at the moment."

She was second in the nationals last year so was hoping to at least repeat that.

Burgess was happy to have finished fourth in the Philippines, with such a big field of competitors from a number of different countries.

"I would have been really happy to get in the top five, if possible. So really pleased with that."

The international event was run over two days instead of one, like in New Zealand, making the competition a lot harder. Competitors stay dehydrated during the shows to keep their bodies looking good, so instead of not drinking water for one day, they had to do it for two.

From the Sunday before the show, she drank six litres of water every day until Wednesday, when she cut down her intake to three litres, then Thursday two litres and Friday one litre before not having anything on competition day.

It was hard in the Philippines because of the 35 degrees Celsius heat.

Her New Zealand team-mates also did well, though, with Janine Haywood from Auckland coming second and Andrew Murray from Hawke's Bay third.

After this weekend, it is the off-season, so Burgess will take a break from her fulltime diet and training before getting back into it in January.

Manawatu Standard