Manawatu scores Pulse-Steel matchup in April

Manawatu netball fans will get to see the Central Pulse again, this time against the Southern Steel in April.

The ANZ Championship draw was released yesterday and Palmerston North has been given one game again after hosting the match between the Pulse and the Northern Mystics earlier this year.

The Pulse game against the Mystics was a sellout with an attendance of 2500.

Netball Manawatu general manager Louise Clarke was hopeful they would do another good hosting job.

"It's about creating that vibe," she said. "Making sure it's really positive and whatever else we can bring to it."

The Pulse were happy with the job Western Netball, Netball Manawatu and Arena Manawatu had done this year and Clarke said it was wonderful for Palmerston North and the wider region.

"For us it's fantastic. Our netballers love it; we really support it."

Pulse coach Robyn Broughton last season said it was strange the Pulse didn't have a home venue and had to travel to other parts of the region.

She was harking back to her time as coach of the Southern Sting who played only in Invercargill. Once they merged to form the Southern Steel she felt there was a difference when they played games in Dunedin.

But those outside Wellington consider it is important to keep the links to the rest of the region the Pulse covers instead of playing all the matches in the capital.

Clarke said the provinces love holding games and when they had the Mystics here last year it wasn't just netball fans going to the game.

It costs more for the Pulse to host a game outside of Wellington and there are limitations to Sky TV's coverage at Arena Manawatu, but the Pulse were happy with this year's game.

The Pulse offer their games to venues like Manawatu's who then have to prove they can host it.

It is the only Pulse home game not being played at Wellington's TSB Arena or at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua.

The only other Pulse home game outside of Wellington last season was at Napier against the Steel.

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