CD intent on ambitious plans despite $38,000 deficit

23:00, Nov 05 2012
Central Districts
PLAY BALL: Central Districts are pinning hopes on a better summer weather-wise, after a number of washed out games last season contributed to a financial deficit for the past year.

Central Districts will be hoping for a better summer this year, after announcing a deficit of $38,050 at its annual general meeting held at Hotel Coachman on Sunday.

Chief executive Hugh Henderson believed CD was in good stead, having been severely affected by a wet summer last season, and he wasn't too surprised by the deficit.

"That was a number of factors," he said. "We'd always budgeted a deficit of that amount for the year. A tough year - we actually did very well. The key thing you've got to note is that includes depreciation, also $47,000 income in advance.

"It looks a little bit worse than it is. The biggest thing that hurt us was that we would normally collect a gate from two complete washouts which hurt us."

Henderson estimated more than a third of CD's training and playing days were affected by rain last summer.

He said CD has a trust of about $750,000 behind it so he wasn't too worried about the state of financial affairs.


"We're confident this year, all things going well. We can never trust the weather [but] we're quite confident that we'll be fine. It's one of those things in sport - you're always leading a fine line."

Henderson also unveiled a strategic plan to make CD the supreme association in the country.

The new plan has four focus areas: game development, high performance, leadership and communication, and financial success, set to be played out over the next four years.

The strategic plan includes several strategies to inspire the next generation, produce international quality players, ensure co-operation and communication with stakeholders and maximise revenue streams.

"That's our focus; that's what we're going to be working on.

"Ultimately we are about growing performance and growing the game at grass-roots level. Preparing players to play at the highest level. When you break it down it's quite simple."

Henderson said it started at the annual general meeting last year.

The association had looked at its structure and received feedback from the minor associations and a lot of it was already under way.

"The overall goal is being the best-performing association in New Zealand. You look at that and it's easy to write down but in our case it wasn't easy.

"We thought about it a hell of a lot. We actually believe we can do that, do what's in the plan."

In other business at the AGM, Manawatu men Martin How and Dave Townend left the board, being rotated out.

But Manawatu's Dennis Radford, a former New Zealand Cricket board member, comes onto the board and there is one vacancy Henderson said they were working on filling over the next few months.

Last week, New Zealand Cricket announced a deficit of $1.87 million in its annual report.

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