Sprinter gutted over medal theft

Sprinter Vanessa Story thought it was bad enough having her car stolen, but was even more irate at the swag of medals she lost along with it.

Story won two gold medals, two silver and a bronze at the Pan Pacific Games on the Gold Coast earlier this month but didn't have long to admire them, because they were in her car which was stolen on Monday.

The medals were in her gear bag in the back of her Subaru WRX STI which was parked at work at the Palms Health and Wellness Centre in Palmerston North.

She was upset about losing the medals as well as all her athletics clothing and "stuff that you collect over the years".

She said she never left things in the car, but the one time she did, it turned out to be the wrong one.

"I'm very gutted about my car and even more gutted as I don't have gear," she said.

Story had been taking the medals to show someone at work and forgot to take them inside. She said the medals were irreplaceable and the shoes would be no use to anyone unless they were a sprinter.

She said There did not seem to be much likelihood of recovering the gear if the car wasn't found after 24 hours. If she wasn't going to see the car again, she appealed to the culprit to at least return the medals to her work.

"It would be nice if they could just drop my gear off."

Story is meant to compete in the third round of the Central competition in Palmerston North this weekend, transferred from Masterton, so needs her gear before then.

Her daughter's running shoes were also in the car and she is due to compete at Levin on Sunday.

At the Pan Pacific Games in Queensland, Story won gold in the 400m and high jump, silver in the 100m and 200m and a bronze in the 60m.

Manawatu Standard