Fan has advice for Cameron in Green rematch

23:31, Nov 27 2012

If Shane Cameron gets a rematch with Danny Green, Palmerston North man Mike Waghorn will be front and centre.

Waghorn, who has been to every Cameron fight bar one, was at the IBO cruiserweight title fight between the two in Melbourne last week.

Waghorn said Cameron's game plan "went out the window" during the fight and having to drop more than 7kg to fight as a cruiserweight had affected him as well.

"Melbourne's a beautiful place, but the fight was a bit of a disappointment," Waghorn said.

"Danny Green had a bit too much mongrel fighting spirit.

"Maybe dropping down to 89kg was too much weight to lose, it negated Shane's power. He seemed like he didn't have any energy."


Waghorn, who is the grandfather of Cameron's seven-year-old daughter, Georgia, thought Cameron did not have a plan B once Green got in close with his clinches which almost looked like wrestling. But it won him the fight.

"The Green camp's already talking to him about a re-match," Waghorn said.

"They obviously see some value or money and there's a high chance it could be in New Zealand. All Shane needs is to come up with a plan A, B and C."

Waghorn said the referee had a shocker by not calling Green on his tactics, but Cameron did well to go 12 rounds with a four-time world champion.

"Danny was holding the ace card he was calling the shots.

"Shane needed to fight more than Danny."

Standing nose to nose wasn't Cameron's style and he needed a bit more distance between the two so he could land heavy blows, Waghorn said.

The fight was a bit of a let-down for boxing fans such as himself, he thought, but the pair had still put on a show.

Waghorn did not catch up with the Mountain Warrior after the fight but said he was pretty gutted with the result.

Manawatu Standard